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Beer At Work Makes (Almost) Everything Better; or, For The Love Of God, Someone Please Tell Me What Exactly What I Want To Do With My Life November 17, 2006

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It’s Friday, and the sheer relief I feel is almost indescribable.  I keep waiting for that day–the one where I have a sudden realization that–‘My God, I don’t mind my job.  I even like it a little bit.’  That day has not come.

But.  It’s Friday, and there is Beer.  And it’s not just any Friday–it’s the one before the week of Thanksgiving.  Which means next week is only three days long!  Three days that will be filled with drunken, crafty, gluttony.  These are the things I plan to do over my four day Holiday:

*Knit (Sweater number two–started last FEBRUARY, so, if everything goes according to schedule, I should be seen wearing it by 2008.  By which time I will not be able to look at the lovely purple color I so carefully choose without retching all over my hand-made sweater.)

*Drink wine.  This activity will accompany all other activities, but for the sake of you, gentle reader, I will only list it once.

*Eat.  Turkey!  Stuffing!  Pumpkin Pie! 

*Take momentary break from drinking wine to drink insanely good sounding apple cider/whiskey toddy drink.  Recipe found on the Food Network, otherwise know as Nirvana.

*Create Holiday cards for lucky friends and family.  I will most likely purchase a kit from, which will allow me to send my loved ones such colorful greetings as “Happy Fucking Holidays” and “Fuck the Halls”.  Charming, I know.

 Let the weekend begin.


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