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Kyle, is that you? What happend to your face? November 21, 2006

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We seem to be experiencing some weather.  In spite of our soggy reputation, Seattle rarely has much to speak of in the way of actual weather.  It’s wet.  It’s grey.  Often it’s wet and grey.  But today!  Today there was thunder, and lighting, and hail that looked sort of like a giant flock of tiny white birds as the wind pushed it around on the streets.  Non-flying birds.  Maybe my simile isn’t the best.  The point is, it was impressive, and not just because it gave me an excuse to get up from my desk and gaze out the window vacantly for five minutes.

In addition to the white bird-like hail, I also saw some snow this weekend.  (Oh man, 3 posts in and we’re already talking about the weather.  It’s like my blog was hijacked by a couple of technically advanced old ladies who just want to chat benignly and knit.  Actually, that doesn’t sound so bad.  They would probably have cookies.)  (Note:  I don’t know why this section is indented, nor do I have the necessary skills to fix it, as I am not a technically advanced lady, old or young.  People–I don’t even own a computer.  And don’t even get me started about spelling.  You will just have to bare with me.  Feel free to mock–just not to my face.  (See below.)) 

Anyway—snow.  I saw it.  This weekend.  What I didn’t see was this lake:


Lake Talapus 


Lovely, yes?  I wouldn’t know, as about 2 ½ miles into our 3 mile hike we stopped being able to see the ground so much.  And, as we weren’t equipped with sticks like everyone else coming down the hill, we were having a little trouble balancing. 

(Until we saw the snow, the three of us were actually having a grand time mocking the stick people.  “I mean honestly”, we would say, rolling our eyes with disdain, “what are you doing with those sticks!?  You’re just walking around, man.  You do it all day without sticks.  But ‘oohh, now we’re on a mountain so we suddenly need sticks’”.  Apparently they did need the sticks.  You learn something every day.  That day I learned that it’s best to mock people when they can’t hear you, because then you don’t have to apologize when you’re wrong. )    

In addition to being stickless, we were also wearing sneakers instead of shoes with any, say, traction.  So we acknowledged our defeat by doing what any self-respecting, outdoorsy, Northwestern ladies would do in this situation.  We went out for pie.   

Specifically we had pie at the famous diner from Twin Peaks.  Supposedly we were in for a ‘damn fine cup of coffee’.  Perhaps they were serving the actual coffee made back in ’92.  Or maybe I was just grumpy because being there reminded me of how poorly Kyle MacLachlan has aged.  Either way it turned out that what we were actually in for was an “overpriced and surreal David Lynch-if-he-got-bored-and-no-longer-cared sort of experience”.   

The pie was good though.


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