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My Mind Is Like A Vault That Only Holds Cheap Crap December 5, 2006

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Does anyone remember the show Swans Crossing?  Because for some reason I do.  This show was on for a brief time WHEN I WAS 12.  Even then I had an eye for quality.

I can also still sing you word for word pretty much every song on this album.   I’m going to make you link to that one, as it’s not the kind of information that should be bandied about. 

In comparison, here is a list of some of the things I can’t remember: geometry, Italian, how to spell ANYTHING.


One Response to “My Mind Is Like A Vault That Only Holds Cheap Crap”

  1. That one girl Says:

    The ability to remember small insignificant things in our lives that will never do us any good (such as the theme to “saved by the bell” or “fresh prince of bel-air”) instead of remembering the things that might do us some good in the future (like all classes we payed to take in college) must just happen to be that one ability that runs in the family…

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