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Hail To Whatever You Have Found In The Sunlight December 12, 2006

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Possibly this is the post where I reveal myself to be the sentimental schmuck that I truly am.  ‘Tis the season folks.

I will be saying good-bye soon, to one of my very best friends.  The fact that it’s really more of an ‘until we meet again’ matters very little.  It feels like good-bye.  With the farewell of any good friend comes that obligatory moment where you take stock of your life, and the people in it.  And hopefully, that is when you realize you are blessed.  I am blessed, and Lady, I will miss you.

But the point of this is not how much I will miss you (a lot), but how proud I am of you, and how excited I am for you.  It’s rare in life that people have the opportunity to actually make a grand gesture, to take a giant step towards their goals rather than simply muddling their way through to them.  It’s rarer still that people take that chance.  It takes balls to take a risk, especially the kind you are taking.  You have to be able to imagine a positive outcome, and that is what makes me proudest when I think about what you are doing, because I know that is hard for you.  But you found something great–something worth having–and by god, you’re going to attempt to have it.  I know afterwards you will come back to us, perhaps with a new life ahead of you and bold of purpose, or perhaps wounded and in need of comfort.  It’s a gamble, what you’re doing, and I have full confidence that whatever the outcome, the decision to attempt it is the right one.  I’m going to say it again: I’m so proud of you.

Before you go, I want to say thanks, for so many things:

Thanks for laughing at my jokes and exercising my optimism.  It’s lovely to have friends who make you think about the way in which you think.  Thank you for not being careful.  I have probably laughed more at your not-carefulness than most other things in life.  Laughed with you I mean.  I would never laugh at you.  At least not until you left the room.  Thank you for introducing me to the concept of ‘busted’.  Thanks for that time you thought you lost the car keys while we were camping.  Thank you for always being able to name obscure actors after only a cursory glance.  Thank you for pushing me to be more honest, with myself and the people I care abut.  Thank you for making me feel like you need me, because I know that I need you.

And so, go bravely my friend.  Jump into the oblivion with arms spread wide.  If he doesn’t catch you–know that we will.




One Response to “Hail To Whatever You Have Found In The Sunlight”

  1. that almost made me cry. your friend is very lucky to have you.

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