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Unbosoming December 13, 2006

Filed under: *Cheese; Or, Stuff That's Good,*Peas; Or, Stuff That's Bad — thats what she said @ 11:20 am

The ubiquitous list entry wherein I make it easy for you to judge me based solely on trivial matters:

Cheese; Or, Stuff That’s Good

  • using the thesaurus (see unbosoming
  • Jon Stewart
  • James Stewart
  • the way scottish people pronounce ‘stuart’
  • the way scottish people pronounce everything (as in ‘all things’, not just the word ‘everything’)
  • NPR
  • The Holidays
  • Winston Churchill (the man as well as the cat)
  • finding inscriptions written by strangers in used books 
  • the west wing
  • margaret atwood, jonathan safran foer, david james duncan
  • dolly parton

Peas; Or, Stuff That’s Bad

  • people who say ‘master-charge’
  • parking under pressure (pressure meaning the existence of any other moving vehicles within a 3 block radius)
  • people with ‘ironic’ mullets
  • passing on the right
  • south park (i know.  blah blah blah censorship blah.  i get it.  i even support it–i just don’t think its funny.  if it makes you feel any better though, i do quite enjoy the family guy.  but not aqua teen hunger force.)

Britney; Or, Stuff That’s Bad That I Like Anyway

  • Britney
  • america’s next top model
  • the judds
  • mcdonalds breakfast menu (people–i know.)
  • warren g’s video for regulate
  • movies starring mandy moore (for instance:  chasing liberty, a walk to remember, saved…i actually own crossroads, which doesn’t star mandy moore, but might as well.  feel free to stop reading now.)
  • ‘chinese’ food from mall food courts

2 Responses to “Unbosoming”

  1. Winston Churchill (the cat) is the coolest cat in Seattle. Oh and i just pushed some random button that made my internet screen “grow”/ “expand” and i’m clueless on how to fix it or make it “shrink” back.

    P.S. I GOT ALL A’S!!!

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