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2006: Or, The Year I Discoverd My Love For Jennifer Garner January 5, 2007

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In an effort to further distract myself from the gloom that has so far shrouded 2007, I’ve put together a list of things I enjoyed during 2006.  And for all you persnickety people out there who are concerned with such paltry details like accuracy, let me clarify that this is not a list of things that debuted in 2006, just a list of things I enjoyed throughout the year.  I think that once you’ve passed the age of 25, you no longer have to worry about being ‘with it’.  Also, you should no longer be allowed to use phrases like ‘with it’.  So, you can try 2007, but good luck topping all of this:


  • prep:  this book is one of the most honest portrayals of female adolescence i’ve ever read.  of course, its set at a high school, and i experienced all of these things in college, but that should probably be an entirely different post.
  • The Golden Compass Trilogy: i know this series was written for 13 year olds.  i don’t care.  it’s totally great, and i totally cried like a baby, and they are totally making it into a movie starring nicole kidman.  in spite of my better instincts, i will totally go to see it.  but i probably won’t dress up as lyra.
  • the history of love: i don’t care if nicole krauss’s book is remarkably similar in plot to her husbands.  its fucking good. one of those books who’s plot you can’t quite remember, but it doesn’t matter, because you can’t forget how it made you feel.


  • band of horses: they played the Capital Hill Block Party like, ONE DAY before someone introduced me to the album.
  • Josh Ritter:i think its just the floppy hair.  and the man can obviously grow a beard.  that’s about all i ask for in a musician.
  • Fleetwood Mac, Specifically Rumors: so i’m a little late on this one.  it’s not like i’d never heard the album before–its just that i was watching alias one night, and this song came on.  it was Songbird, and i couldn’t quite place it, so i had to look it up, and to my pleasant surprise, it was fleetwood mac!  and then i decided that this is the song i would play at my wedding.  and then fucking tomkat played it at their wedding.  the world is a very cruel place.
  • Redbird:  they are a folk super group.  but you should listen to them anyway.  their covers of dylan’s ‘buckets of rain’ and rem’s ‘you are the everything’ are two of my favorite songs ever. 
  • jenny lewis and the watson twins:  who is this girl?  i mean, honestly, who gets to look like thisAND have a lovely voice AND write amazing songs AND star in an awesome movie with fred savage?


  • alias:  i became obsessed.  i know i hopped this train a little late.  but whatever.  jennifer garner is the cutest woman alive, and i wish her and ben nothing but happiness.  and this show kicks ass.  spies are cool.  spies in wigs are even cooler.
  • no reservations:  anthony bourdain.  oh man.  i don’t even know what to say, except please…come back to seattle and have a beer with me.  please.
  • freaks and geeks:  quite possibly one of the best written tv shows ever.  everything bill says cracks my shit up.  everything.


  • curry:  i don’t know why i didn’t like it before, i just didn’t.  now i would bathe in it.
  • winston churchill:  super cheesy, but this little asshole makes me extremely happy. 

I may have enjoyed one or two other things in 2006, but clearly not enough that I can recall them now.   And in spite of it’s poor showing so far, I’m going to try to remain optimistic about 2007.  Maybe at some point Anthony Bourdain will actually have a beer with me, right after growing a beard and serving me curry while singing Songbird.  The universe owes me after that whole Tomkat thing.  The universe owes all of us after that.


One Response to “2006: Or, The Year I Discoverd My Love For Jennifer Garner”

  1. k-k-kamren Says:

    I can think of one good thing 2007 has blessed us with… a weeks worth of an AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL MARATHON! Thank you Vh1. Thank you.

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