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100 January 19, 2007

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  1. I stole this idea from other people’s blogs.
  2. The fact that more than one other person has done it make it feel less like theft.
  3. Sometimes being unoriginal is just easier.
  4. Just ask Kevin Federline.
  5. I laugh when I’m uncomfortable.
  6. The number 6 is my favorite.
  7. Sometimes I interrupt. 
  8. I also laugh when I’m nervous.
  9. Or when I think something is funny.
  10. I seem to think a lot of things are funny.
  11. Maybe I am one of those crazy people you see laughing at nothing.
  12. Did you hear that?
  13. I grew up in Salem, OR.
  14. Which I always say in a rather dejected manner.
  15. Salem, OR is quite lame.
  16. The rest of Oregon is quite nice though.
  17. You should go there.
  18. I recommend the Dee Wright Observatory.
  19. If you go at dawn, it’s like visiting the moon.
  20. I have no way of verifying that last statement.
  21. But it IS like I think the moon might be, if someone built a stone observatory on it.
  22. I read a lot.
  23. Like, A LOT.
  24. Right now I am reading The Songlines and The Orchid Thief
  25. I am often reading more than one book at a time.
  26. I also often stop reading books right in the middle.
  27. Sometimes I pick them up again.
  28. I have kind of a hippie-ish philosophy when it comes to books.
  29. Life is too short to continue reading something you aren’t completely absorbed by.
  30. I have kind of a hippie-ish philosophy towards words too. 
  31. Clearly, hippie-ish isn’t really a word. 
  32. But you know what I mean, right?
  33. In case you don’t, I mean my philosophy is very accepting, and not at all constrained by reality.
  34. Like hippies.
  35. I am a terrible speller.
  36. But that fact has never bothered me. 
  37. Maybe I am a hippie?
  38. I did go to school in Eugene, OR.
  39. I enjoyed it, mostly.
  40. My freshman year of college was truly spectacular.
  41. I feel really lucky because of that.
  42. I am an optimist.
  43. Also, an idealist.
  44. I guess we’ve settled the hippie issue.
  45. I like puns.
  46. I am sounding more and more dorky by the second.
  47. And I haven’t even gotten to the knitting part yet.
  48. Or my cat.
  49. There must be something cool about me…
  50. I have tattoos!
  51. But at least one of them is definitely NOT cool.
  52. But I like it anyway.
  53. That is definitely not cool
  54. I’m going to get off the subject of coolness now.
  55. I have two goals for this blog.
  56. I would like to be able to keep a journal of my experiences in Africa.
  57. I would like to my kids to read it someday.
  58. There are a couple of obstacles in the way of my reaching these goals.
  59. I don’t own a laptop.
  60. I will probably be living in a village in Africa.
  61. I would imagine that WiFi isn’t readily available in most African villages. 
  62. Although I could be wrong.
  63. Probably I will be wrong about a lot of the things I currently think about Africa.
  64. This excites me to no end.
  65. I don’t have kids.
  66. Or a person to make kids with.
  67. I won’t be in a position (Ha! See–a pun!) to have kids for a while.
  68. That means I will have to keep this blog up for a long time.
  69. I might not be very good at long term commitments.
  70. I say ‘might’ because what girl wants to admit that she can’t commit?
  71. I love Thai food.
  72. And cheese.
  73. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of cheese IN Thai food. 
  74. I drive a green ’95 Ford Taurus.
  75. Or a ’94. 
  76. The uncertainty about the year is not my fault.
  77. The manual says one thing.
  78. But the registration says another.
  79. It sort of shocked me to discover this. 
  80. But the lady at Schucks said that sometimes cars are ‘born on the cusp’.
  81. Meaning, I guess, that it was built either very late in ’94 or very early in ’95.
  82. So if you asked my car what its sign is, it probably wouldn’t know.
  83. Or maybe it would say Taurus.
  84. Sorry.
  85. I drove across the country once.
  86. In a Honda, not the Taurus.
  87. The Lovely Miss Q went with me.
  88. It rained nearly every night.
  89. I know this because we camped nearly every night.
  90. It was a truly wonderful experience.
  91. We listened to a lot of Journey.
  92. And Britney Spears.
  93. Something about middle America inspires that kind of music.
  94. There was a lot of car dancing.
  95. We both look very happy in all the photos.
  96. I like being happy.
  97. It makes me happy when people leave me comments.
  98. That was a blatant hint.
  99. Practically a request.
  100. But no pressure.

9 Responses to “100”

  1. kamea Says:

    you are hillarious my dear sister

  2. kamea Says:

    and i will probably copy you,
    because that’s what little sister’s do,
    they copy their big sisters,
    but not exactly word for word.
    i just hope i can be just as witty as you.

  3. kamea Says:

    i just said “just” twice in a sentence.
    that was a mistake.

  4. That last one was almost haiku like in it’s prefection.

  5. T-Bone Says:

    I think I just read this entire thing in one sitting… This is seriously good stuff, my friend! I am excited for you for this!

  6. Man alive! You ARE the funniest person I have ever met. Bill Bryson calls your car a Ford Thesauras or something absurd like that.

  7. Kit Kat Says:

    I was born on the cusp of Taurus!
    And I like green!
    Your car and I have a lot in common.

  8. Ron M. Says:

    #33 & 34 really caught my eye. I lived just outside of Height Ashbury (in San Francisco) during the apex of the Hippie Movement and I found most hippies to be

    “…my philosophy is very accepting, and not at all constrained by reality.”

    “Like hippies.”

    That’s an understatement!

  9. […] was going to celebrate by doing another one of these list things…100 more facts, for my 100th […]

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