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Funny Friday, Or: Is Your Joke Better Than Poop On A Stick? Friday’s January 26, 2007

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New tradition, starting today:  Every Friday I will post a joke.  Until I think of something better, we will call this day ‘Fuuny Friday’, in spite of the fact that that may be the least funny title ever.  We will all, collectively, just have to deal. 

Also, I encourage you all to tell me jokes.  Because everybody likes jokes.  And whoever tells the best joke, will get…something.  At the very least they will get satisfaction. 

And while we’re on the subject of pitching in, anyone who comes up with a better name for ‘Funny Fridays’ will get…something else!  Something very big and exciting! 

So…here is today’s joke:

Q) Why do bikes have kick stands?

A)  Because they’re two tired. 


Have a good weekend, my lovelies.  Or a lovely weekend, my goodies.  It’s up to you.

 Update, 1:30 PM: 

This just in folks–the creative genius Grandmaster Flash has supplied us with a name just classy enough to work here at That’s What She Said…drum roll please…henceforth, the superbly crappy title of ‘Funny Friday’ will be changed to…

Is Your Joke Better Than Poop On A Stick? Friday’s

Amen, Grandmaster Flash.  Amen.


2 Responses to “Funny Friday, Or: Is Your Joke Better Than Poop On A Stick? Friday’s”

  1. grandmaster flash Says:

    Here’s one from way back…

    Q)If you’re an American outside the bathroom, what are you inside the bathroom?


    Say it out loud; it’s funnier.

  2. Dr. Jones Says:

    so this woman and three men are sitting in a bar chatting about their lives. they turn to the first guy and say, “what are you?” he says, “i’m a yup, you know young urban professional.” and they turn to the next guy and ask him “what are you?” he says, “i’m a dink, you know, double income, no kids.” then the third guy says, “i’m a rub, a rich urban biker.” they all turn to the woman and ask her what she does. she says, “i’m a wife. you know, wash, iron, fuck, etcetera.”

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