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Maybe I should try turning over something else? February 6, 2007

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I have turned over yet another new leaf. I tend to do this a lot. I turn them over, and marvel at my new found commitment to…whatever it is I am newly committed to. Then I just sort of walk away from that leaf. I mean, I turned it over. AND I marveled. Isn’t that enough?

In all honesty, this new leaf has probably been turned over more times than Traci Lords—it is not in any way an original leaf. But I thought I would give it another go, because this leaf deserves one more shot at glory. People–I am going to be more healthy. Isn’t that exciting! There is something so gloriously banal about a mid-twenties type person facing up to their own mortality…looking death in the eye and then deciding to eat more vegetables.

I went shopping on Sunday and pretty much bought only things that go into my refrigerator (as opposed to the cupboard, that safe haven of non-perishable snacks). It was oddly liberating, circling only the outside ring of the grocery store for produce and dairy and fish. Never venturing inwards to get caught amongst the less, shall we say, fresh items. What’s that Mr. Totino? I’m sorry, I can hear you all the way over here by the carrots. And you, Mrs. Calendar? You little minx. You have no power over me now! I have replaced you with wild salmon!

I hoping to keep this leaf well and truly pinned this time. I have an added incentive, in that in a few months I will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime—or at least of my lifetime. I’d like to leave comfortable with the knowledge that my body won’t limit me in anyway. After all, my mind usually takes care of that type of thing.

Bon appetit!


2 Responses to “Maybe I should try turning over something else?”

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  2. have you had your veggies today? Says:

    i find it wonderful that you are deciding to eat healthier. I once made that decision too…then i realized that no matter how “healthy” i ate, i slathered it in something midly “unhealthy”…. carrots (yay) and ranch (boo), celery (yay) and peanut butter (boo) tomatoes and lettuce (yay) greasy chicken and a bun (boo)… i came to the realization that i ate more when i ate less. Contemplate that one.
    :) Good luck!

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