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Darkon Darkoff* February 7, 2007

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I think you should go see this movie.  For those of you in the Seattle area, it’s playing this week at the Northwest Film Forum in Capitol Hill.

It’s full of geeks of the best kind.  The movie, not the Film Forum.  Although that might be a matter of opinion.  It’s a documentary, but in it’s chock full of epically shot battle scenes.  It’s like if you tried to film Lord of the Rings in your backyard.  And you used stuff from your garage to make weapons and costumes.  And you actually believed you were Frodo.

There are two main characters. Skip, who in real life, is a stay at home dad.  In Darkon, he is Bannor of Laconia:


And Kenyon, or Keldar of Mordom:


Bannor is attempting to you unite the smaller countries of Darkon to take on and defeat Keldar and his imperialistic hold.  Will he succeed?  Will freedom prevail?  Will you laugh out loud when a full grown man steps out of a port-a-potty dressed as an elf wielding a sword? 

These are questions only Darkon can answer for you.  Go forth, my friends, in dignity and strength.  Set thine eyes upon this feat, and learn the truth for yourselves.  

*A special thanks to The Lovely Miss Q for sending me an email with this title so that I could steal it and use it for my own nefarious devices.  She’s magikal like that.