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Happy Valentines Day! This Post Has Nothing To Do With The Holiday! February 14, 2007

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Hello everyone!  I hope you are enjoying the most hated holiday of the year! 

Tonight I’m going to see one of my favorite bands perform.  Sparklehorse is playing at the Showbox.  I am very, very excited.  I’ve seen them once before, years ago.  I just sort of tagged along with friends because a trip up to Portland sounded fun, and Hey!  Music! I’ve heard it’s cool!  Little did I know what I was in for. 

My fascination began when this girl in low rise jeans walked on stage.  (Note:  I am very conflicted when it comes to low cut pants.  Perhaps you share my feelings?  Sometimes they are awful.  Just the trashiest invention since pleather.  But other times, very rarely and only on the most wondrous of hips, low raise jeans are like a gift from the heavens.  Those are the type of jeans this girl was wearing.)  So, low rise pants girl steps onto the stage, and starts attaching all these dried flowers to the microphone stems.  I find myself unable to stop looking at her.  I mean, how often are roadies attractive girls in cute jeans?  And how often to they adorn the stage with flowers? 

But guess what!  Low rise pants girls was no mere roadie.  I should have know that someone with her presence was ‘with the band’.  Low rise pants girl turned out to be the violinist for what would become one of my favorite bands ever.  That show turned out to be one of those magical musical moments where it does’t matter that you aren’t familiar with the artist you’re seeing—you are instantly captivated.  INSTANTLY. 

I recommend It’s A Wonderful Life to anyone with ears.


(See those dots up there?  That is how I make it ok to abruptly switch topics with absolutely no attempt at a decent segue.  Perhaps I am drunk on the power of my own blog.  Perhaps that’s not the only thing I’m drunk on.) 

Anywho, because I am a total word nerd, and because the only thing I like more that actual reading is talking about reading, I’ve added a new item to my sidebar —>

Currently Reading!  Because I know you are dying to know!  No longer will you be forced to lay awake at night wondering.  I do it for you, people, I do it for you. 


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