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Ohh La La! February 16, 2007

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It’s Friday, AND I got my tax return today.  Hot diggity dog people. 

I am now officially registered for French 101 at the Seattle Language Academy.  Secretly I fear that I will never actually be able to learn this language—that I will spend two months in this class and then two years in a village and come back to the states STILL only able to say ‘voule vous avec moi ce soir’, which we all know is nearly always an appropriate query.  There are just too many vowels in French.  Or consonants.  Or, you know, letters. 

But I’m going to have to give it a shot, and in honor of France, today’s joke will be about the French!  And since I didn’t know any jokes about the French right off the top oh my head (now the Germans—that’s a an entirely different story—you should hear my freestyle on the Germans) I decided to look one up on the internet.  And that’s when I rediscovered how freaking bitter a large portion of Americans still are.  Apparently, we only support the freedom choice when the choice belongs to the current administration.  I mean, I knew this already, but yeesh!  I just wanted a joke about cheese, or wine, or a propensity for lovemaking or something.  Not a diatribe on cowardice simply because AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT COUNTRY HAS DECIDED ON A FOREIGN POLICY THAT DIFFERS FROM OUR OWN.  People are weird, man.  

And that is my incredibly articulate and well thought out response to this complex and devisive issue.  Don’t you feel enlightend?  

So it took some searching, but I finally found some good natured French jokes, and I liked this one the best.  Even though when it comes to crazies, America probably shouldn’t be throwing any stones, if you know what I mean.  So, without further adieu (Ha!  Maybe I’m a natural!)…

Q)  Did you hear about the Frenchman who jumped into the rive in Paris?

A)  He was declared to be in Seine.

Avoir un bon weekend, ma cheris!


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