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I’m a WINNER! And H Is For Hellgate is pretty good, but I’m a WINNER! February 21, 2007

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So there was a contest to win a CD.  That CD was H Is For Hellgate’s newest album.  And I won that contest!  I’ve never won a contest before in my life, and let me tell you, the joy of being randomly selected is even better than I had imagined.  

I now have my very own copy of this CD, and it was totally signed by the band:


And today it was hand delivered by the lead singer!  It was like if Britney Spears came to my office, only suddenly she had class and talent!   

So I’ve been listening to it all afternoon, and it’s great.  There is a reason I don’t write music reviews—and that reason is that I am bad at writing music reviews.  I can’t tell you what other bands this band sounds like or if they were obviously influenced by early Dylan and Fatboy Slim or anything like that.   (Although just to avoid confusion now I’m going to go ahead and state that I’m pretty sure they were NOT influenced by Fatboy Slim.  Very much.)  

What I can tell you is that I immediately had to go back and listen to The Next 50 Winters a second time after hearing it once, and that the songs are all refreshingly distinct from each other even at the low volume listening at my desk requires, and that they thanked Wynonna Judd in the liner notes.  I’m not sure what else needs to be said. 

So, y’all, please help to rescue Jamie from her desk job.  Go to and buy their new album.  It looks cute!  And it sounds good!  It’s starting to sound like a young Star Search contestant, and that is why, once again, I don’t write music reviews!

But I’m still a WINNER!



3 Responses to “I’m a WINNER! And H Is For Hellgate is pretty good, but I’m a WINNER!”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Thank you for rallying to further my cause and get me away from this desk! And remember, the further away I get, the closer you get to being in a music video. It’s a win-win. But, one thing – you didn’t hear the Fatboy Slim?

  2. and the winner is... Says:

    Congradulations sister dearest. And congradulations to me for finally remembering how to spell “congradulations” without looking it up in the dictionary. CONGRADULATIONS ALL AROUND!!!!

  3. and the winner is... Says:

    i knew it looked wrong. haha. so i’m not a spelling genious, that’s why man made dictionaries. for people like me! :)

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