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Don’t Try To Make Sense of It. Just Let It Flow. Eww. February 23, 2007

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I may not have anything to say today.  Although generally as soon as I give up on a clever opener and write that sentence I come up with a million things to say.

Apparently not this time.  What can I say?  My mind likes to keep itself on it’s toes.  That is a weird statement. 

So, this weekend I have been invited to my friend Owen’s house for a Break Dance Party.  Did you all know that I am a spectacular break dancer?  Also I can whip up a souffle from scratch, install a surround sound system, name every county and it’s capital on the continent of Africa, and lie pathologically without remorse.  Wouldn’t you like to be my friend? 

Also on the agenda for this weekend:

  • Finishing the GD scarf for (increasingly anxious) co-worker!  What the eff is wrong with me? 
  • Watching the Oscars.  I don’t know why.  I think it’s Pavlovian at this point.  Also, pretty dresses.  And people.
  • Watching Babel.  Hopefully before watching the Oscars.
  • Hiking.  Somewhere. 

You know, if I multi-task, I should be able to complete item the first while attempting items the second and third.  But probably not while attempting item the fourth.

Stopping incessant babbling now.  Just be glad I’m not forcing you to read about my awesome dream starring Andre the Giant last night, in which I chastised him for not being more appreciative of his apartment overlooking Rockefeller Center. 

Time for the joke!

Q)  What did the fish say when he swam into the wall?

A)  Damn.


Lator Gators…

Oh, but before I go, I want to wish T-Bone an awesome ride on Sunday.  People, she will be participating in something called the Chilly Hilly involving, you guessed it, both hills and chilly.  And also chili.  Crazy AND true.  Good luck lady!        


2 Responses to “Don’t Try To Make Sense of It. Just Let It Flow. Eww.”

  1. T-Bone Says:

    awe thanks, my friend. and just for the record, chili has never tasted as good as it did today after climbing 3,000 feet of elevation in the rain. yummy!

  2. T-Bone–You are crazy. And a rock star. You are a Crazy Rock Star.

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