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1.21 Gigawatts! (Jiggawhats?) March 2, 2007

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Good morning all.  The peace corps has received my medical packet!  I can stop imagining elaborate scenarios wherein the mail truck it was in was hijacked by Libyans who now know how much I weigh.  (Note: Spell check thinks that the mail truck was hijacked by Lesbians!  Ha! (Note on note:  I wouldn’t really care if Lesbians knew how much I weigh.))  Anyway, neither Libyans nor Lesbians hijacked my medical packet, and it is currently under peace corps review.  Where it will remain for FOUR TO SIX WEEKS.  Most likely to be rejected sometime early in April.  People!  They only approve 15% of these things the first time around!  And since I already won something this month, I’m pretty sure I won’t be making those odds.

But enough of such matters.  It is Friday and T-Bone is having a party tonight.  Her awesomely accident prone brother is visiting from NYC, and people he had a DATE IN THIS CITY.  He lives in New York and he had a date here.  Where is the justice I ask you?  We will be drinking growlers of Manny’s.  Why do people live anywhere but the Northwest?  What is the point?

Speaking of things with no point, it is time for a joke.  Only today, we will have not one joke, but three!  Because they are all so funny.  First joke supplied by me, the other two by Grandmaster Flash, because he is competitive like that. 

So here you go!

Joke the 1st:

Grasshopper walks into a bar.
Bartender says, we have a drink named after you.
Grasshopper says, you have a drink named Steve?


Joke the 2nd:

A magician was driving down the road..then he turned into a drive way…

Joke the 3rd:

Q) Why don’t cannibals eat clowns.

A)  Because they taste funny.

Ha-zing!  Here’s to many growlers in your future…


4 Responses to “1.21 Gigawatts! (Jiggawhats?)”

  1. Grandmaster Flash Says:

    Truth be told, I’m not really all that competative.

  2. Grandmaster Flash Says:

    I mispelled ‘competitive’…for that, I am ashamed and sorry.

  3. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I was, of course, deeply disappointed.

  4. 31870,The_18th_Letter

    31871,L-3 Grasshopper 31872,Joe Cartwright 31873,RC school 31874,El Tatio 31875,S. P. B. Mais 31876,Kalix 31877,Ma Yu-yu 31878,European Constituent Assembly 31879,Fiddlin’ Joe Martin 31880,Felipe de Jesus Calderon Hinojosa

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