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Tyra Banks Is Like A Car Accident Wearing Fabulous Shoes. March 7, 2007

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All hail Wednesdays, for that is the day on which new episodes of America’s Next Top Model air.  I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this show more than just about any other subject in this blog.  I’m not sure that this creates an accurate representation of me, but then, I’m not sure that it doesn’t either. 

It’s just so good, with the pretty girls, and the not-so-smartness, and the weird photo shoots, and Jay Manuel’s AWFUL HAIR WHY IS IT THAT COLOR ITS NOT NATURAL OR ATTRACTIVE SO WHAT IS THE POINT?  And Tyra.  Sweet, Tyra, with her giant…ego.  You can’t look away. 

 There are so many things to love:

  • Every season there is some poor girl from Oklahoma or something who is COMPLETELY SHOCKED AND DISMAYED by the idea that at some point she will have to take off her clothes for a shoot.  Always there is the tearful look into the camera.  “I just have too much respect for myself for that.  I don’t want to sell my body.”  It’s not called America’s Next Top Geologist, sweetheart.  Take off your pants.
  • Miss Jay’s Legs
  • Tyra ‘stepping’
  • Tyra flamenco dancing
  • Tyra ‘pretending’ to be a crazed diva
  • Tyra

If loving America’s Next Top Model is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


4 Responses to “Tyra Banks Is Like A Car Accident Wearing Fabulous Shoes.”

  1. Okay, maybe i am obsessed. I LOVE America’s Next Top Model. After having one of the most awful, horrible, rotten days of MY LIFE, I was lucky enough to have one hour of compete solid wonderfulness (except for the constant interuptions of stupid boys), thanks to Tyra. I LOVE Brittany, she’s different, she’s quirky, she’s cute, she’s unique, she’s just so adorable. I dislike Natasha, and I want Renee to go home next because she is a manipulative, jealous, bi-atch! Oh, I like Jael too. I am looking forward to next Wenesday. very very—-VERY much.

  2. *complete*, not complete.
    So spelling isn’t my best quality.
    sue me.

  3. okay i am a dumb ass, for i just am. i’m sure you see why. it’s been a long day. ugh.

  4. Cake Face Says:

    Tyra is pretty great. I don’t watch ANTM that much, but when I do. It’s craptacular. However, her talk show is AWESOME. “Trading Races?” Not just a bad FX reality show. A series on race relations in the US, as only Tyra can bring them to you. “Panty Party”? Brillant. And celebrating Black History Month by re-creating her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue? Sheer genius. Viva la Tyra.

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