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Hey! It’s the Ides of March! And I haven’t been assassinated! March 15, 2007

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…which leads me to believe one of two things must be true:

1)  Soothsayer’s don’t know shit.

2)  I am not Julius Caesar. 

If you knew me in the 5th grade and were therefore forced to witness my…I hesitate to use the word ‘haircut’ as that might give me more credit than I deserve…you would understand my uncertainty.


One Response to “Hey! It’s the Ides of March! And I haven’t been assassinated!”

  1. Joel Says:

    In regards to your comments not working: This is my first blog, and I guess I had it set to hold all comments for moderation(To make sure you weren’t makin’ fun of me or something, I guess). I turned that option off, so please don’t make fun of me now.

    Congratulations on your first random hit. In case you’re wondering, I was searching for blogs that had something to do with a ‘restaurant’ so I could rep my new blog, and your one entry came up.

    I’m sick too, and right when the weather here is starting to get halfway decent. What is up with that, amirite?

    Take’r easy.

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