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Rise Up With Sticks March 19, 2007

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Yesterday was a good day.  A down-right idyllic Sunday.  It had all the necessary components:

  • An appropriate wake-up time of approximately 9:30AM.
  • A really good cup of coffee AND a decent bagel.
  • A drive around rarely visited corners of the city.
  • A new and unique activity (for me).
  • A lunch out.
  • A trip to the yarn store.
  • A new knitting project started.
  • An impromptu Stitch n’ Bitch held.
  • A new episode of Lost watched.
  • An odd progression into past tense. 

Late yesterday morning found me sitting in the middle of a leaf strewn trail and waiting for Beezzz to drag The Lovely Miss Q towards me another two inches, walk behind a bush, and yell ‘Click!’.  Over and over.  TLMQ was wrapped in a blanket.  I was operating a stop motion Super Eight camera.  We are some arty motherfuckers. (Of course, I can take no credit for any of the actual art involved in our little film.  I played more a producer’s role, only without the financing or networking skills.) 

But it was fun!  According to Beezzz the movie will probably be about 20 seconds long, but boy howdy!  It’s gonna be 20 seconds of excitement!  TLMQ, looking like a lump in a blanket, will seem to scoot towards the camera, closer and closer, until she suddenly sits up and starts…knitting!  Ha!  What does it all mean?  Is it a commentary on the revival of the craft movement?  A tongue in cheek satire about how lazy dead people are?  Or perhaps the results of three people who couldn’t find an effing cherry tree framed only by grey sky to save their lives and decided that they were going to film something, anything, hey TLMQ get in this blanket, Click!  

Like all good artists, we leave it up the the audience to decide.

From the park we headed for lunch, were I narrowly escaped death by buffalo wing, and then a mad rush to the knitting store before it closed. 

And then TLMQ and Kit Kat and I stitched.  And I daresay we bitched a little bit too.  Mostly about how much Blockbuster SUCKS.  All we wanted was to knit and watch the PBS miniseries Anne of Green Gables.  But Blockbuster didn’t have it.  They did have about 34 copies of John Tucker Must Die, and about 107 of The Grudge 2.  Umm, isn’t the whole point of a grudge that you only need one?  Because they last SO LONG?  Blockbuster sucks.          

So we watched a pirated episode of Lost instead, because neither TLMQ or I had seen anything from Season 3 yet.  Doesn’t look like a whole lot has changed on the island.  The people are still very attractive, with miraculously shaved legs and armpits and what-not.  Genius. 

And then home to a cuddly Winston Churchill and a delicious new book. 

What did you do yesterday?    


3 Responses to “Rise Up With Sticks”

  1. Kit Kat Says:

    Anne of Green Gables part 3 finally came in for me at the library! I think you’ll like it. It’s like the first two but with Nazis.

  2. Kit Kat Says:

    Wait…no. There were no Nazis in World War I. The Germans were still bad thought, right?

  3. The Germans were still bad in WWI. Keizer Wilhelm and all that. I think they only got good very recently. Now they can be seen all over Europe sporting neon backpacks and charming accents.

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