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Spectacle Spectacular March 21, 2007

Filed under: *Cheese; Or, Stuff That's Good — thats what she said @ 2:30 pm

Or Spectacle Craptacular.  I’m not quite sure yet.

I ordered these lovely glasses from the internet:


They look a little funny just sitting there, but I assure you they are very cute.  My face makes all the difference.  In truth though, I would be very excited to wear any pair of glasses that are in no danger of snapping cleanly in two at any second, as my current pair is.  Curse you, Winston Churchill and your lightning fast reflexes!  

The craptacular portion of the story came when I got an email saying the frames are on ‘back-order’.  Oh the dreadful vagueness of that phrase.  Currently my ‘estimated arrival date’ is April 3rd.  That is, of course, subject to change at any time. 

I guess this is what happens when you pay $140 for glasses.    


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