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She’ll Put Almost Anything In Her Mouth March 23, 2007

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I used to be a very picky eater.  I was all about the cheese and the dill pickles.  A connoisseur of bologna and Top Ramen.  Lunchables were like my own personal cornucopias of goodness.  Everyday is Thanksgiving when you have tiny crackers and an Andes mint. 

Vegetables were not my friend.  Seafood wasn’t either—not even salmon.  The closest I got was Skippers, and I only agreed to go there because I could get chicken strips and my own tiny cup of jello.  (Tiny personal desserts were apparently a big deal to me.)  Any meat that hadn’t been shaped to resemble a dinosaur or some other fanciful figure was sure to be scorned as well. 

I think my tastes have improved since the second grade.  I now eat food from other countries, even if it hasn’t been fried, and I enjoy salmon, and broccoli and even sushi.  But while I am willing to try a lot more things now, I wouldn’t say I’m a terribly adventurous eater.  Left to my own devices I’m pretty much willing to smother whatever is on my plate with cheese (cheese is like Chanel—it will NEVER go out of style) and call it a day. 

That is where Kit Kat comes in.  She is hands down the most adventurous eater I’ve ever met.  (Although my dad my get a close second—he travels a lot and likes to send me pictures of both weird food and weird insects, and often it’s hard to distinguish which one he was planning on eating after taking the picture.)

But Kit Kat.  She loves food.  A lot.  When she is about to eat something she’s deemed particularly enticing, her eyes get saucer big and she sort of jumps around in her seat, with her tiny hands fisted and her elbows bent and held at her sides.  Sometimes she emmits a funny noise, the frequency of which depends on her level of excitment.  It’s wonderful.  Everytime she does it I think ‘God, what if we all enjoyed dinner this much?  It could be a solution to all global conflict!’. 

So I was incredibly excited when she said she was thinking about writing a food blog—what she likes, what people should try, weird stuff no one (in the US) has heard of…exactly what an unimaginative eater like myself needs.  

Y’all should go read this right NOW, as it’s an excellant reflection of the lady herself.  Passionate, funny, well informed, and positivly giddy about eel.  I don’t ask for much more in my friends.          


4 Responses to “She’ll Put Almost Anything In Her Mouth”

  1. Kit Kat Says:

    This is the nicest thing that you could have written! Thank you.

  2. Thank YOU for kicking ass.

  3. Kit Kat Says:

    Just doin’ my job.

  4. You Guess Says:

    Can’t imagine what 2 years on another continent will do to your eating pickiness… but I hear the grubs are heavenly!

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