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Showcase Showdown, 2007–Now With Mocking! April 11, 2007

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Yesterday a guy came into our office for a second interview.  Apparently during the first interview he said ‘You know what I mean’ a lot.  So many times in fact, that when he came in for the second interview all the people on my floor placed bets as to how many times he would say it. 

As always, The Price Is Right rules applied. 

My bet was the highest at 23.  I figured I’d better go big or go home, you know what I mean?

The man said it 32 times.  IN 45 MINUTES.   

Sadly I did not win a cruise or a brand new living room set, but I did win a free lunch and a gentle reminder to spay and neuter my pets.  And just maybe the will power to keep coming to this place for a couple more months.  


One Response to “Showcase Showdown, 2007–Now With Mocking!”

  1. jeanelle Says:

    re. your April 3 blog….one word…..monkeys !

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