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Lifestyles of the middle-class and unknown April 13, 2007

Filed under: *Booze — thats what she said @ 2:54 pm

Perhaps you were wondering where I’ve been these last few days?  If you guessed that I was aboard The Champagne Lady, dressed as a senior citizen vacationing from Florida, then you were right!  You are also a little bit creepy.

Some days work doesn’t suck quite as much as others, and the days where I am plied with booze and taken on a boat tour of Seattle’s fanciest homes definitely fall into the less sucky category.  Drinks were had, music was listened to (a mix that I put together, including Journey, Guns & Roses, Tom Petty and Justin Timberlake—it rocked, if you will excuse the pun), and a sheriff was flashed.  Seriously.  And I’m talking about a full-on, bra-less FLASH.  All in all I’d say it was a pretty typical work function.   

Alas this morning found me back in the office–and much busier than I generally am.  That seems to have been the theme for this week.  It’s not a theme I enjoy much.  Now the theme from The Golden Girls—that’s something I can get behind.  

Happy Friday, everyone.  May your weekend be slightly less disturbing than my Thursday evening.


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