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“What are we gonna do tonight, Brain?” April 18, 2007

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“The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world.”

May I present to you, in Instant Message format, a window into my soul (and Grandmaster Flash’s soul I guess, but if he wants top billing he can get his own damn blog. Hi Grandmaster Flash!):

(Note: We come in on the scene mid-way through a discussion between me and Grandmaster Flash about the badness of my day.  Yesterday was a bad day.)

Kim:  …I know that 6 months from now I’ll be thinking about how fast it went.  I’m not sure it works for looking forward though.

Grandmaster Flash:  Yeah, it’s a little more difficult.

K:  Anyway, I think I mostly just need this day to be done, or at least to be at the part where I’m sitting at home with WC sitting on my lap.  Right now it feels like a WC is sitting on me. 

Did you see what I did there?

GmF:  Yes, very clever.

…30 min go by…

K:  A girl from downstairs just brought me a candy bar!

GmF:  Awesome

K:  An organic milk chocolate truffle candy bar!  Very shiny!  Very nice!

GmF:  Things are looking up!  Maybe she likes you.  Is she cute?

K:  I…yeah, sure.  We have an ‘interesting’ relationship.  Not interesting in a fun sexy way though.  More of a weird co-worker thing.  She hated my Christmas gift—the gun that shoots marshmallows.  I guess there’s just no accounting for taste. 

It was a lovely gesture though.

GmF:  Gotta love a lovely gesture.

K:  Wow!  I was JUST typing ‘you gotta love Trader Joe’s’ to her when you said that!  Weird.

GmF:  That is weird.

K:  Once again, wonder what would happen if we each had a full sized brain to work with. (Note: Reference to the previously made observation that Grandmaster Flash and I often seem to sharing a brain, making us appear at various times dumb and/or unoriginal.)

One of us would be unstoppable!  The other one would be dead.

GmF:  hmm…

K:  Dibs  on unstoppable.

Gmf:  I’m going to have to choose the unstoppable part.

Damn it.

K:  Ha!

GfM:  Holy crap, we really would take over the world.

K:  I know man.


2 Responses to ““What are we gonna do tonight, Brain?””

  1. Dr. Jones Says:

    that conversation really made me happy! and i’d like to know how one aquires a gun that shoots marshmallows! and i’d also like to know what kind of person doesn’t like a gun that shoots marshmallows. my hypothesis is that it is the kind of person that i do not like.

  2. Dr. Jones Says:

    what if ALL guns shot marshmallows!!! what a different world this would be!

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