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It’s a Blog Eat Blog World April 20, 2007

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 Week In Review:

Number of times rode bike to work: 2

Number of people almost hit while riding bike to work: 1

Number of fairly incoherent but none-the-less sincere apologies brutally rebuffed by a person not even technically hit by me or my wimpy little bike: 1

Number of times Winston Churchill has freaked out when I put on my helmut: 4

Number of Diet Cokes received from vending machine for $0.60: 4

Number of words I am able to pronounce correctly in French: 4

Word I have most trouble pronouncing in French: quatre, or 4

Number of West Wing episodes watched: 17

Number of Lost episodes watched: 2

Number of America’s Next Top Model episodes watched: 1.4

Number of books read: 1.3

Number of croissants with ham and havarti cheese eaten: 2

Number of messages received from Peace Corps informing me of Medical Approval: 0

Number of gray hairs counted this week: 7

Number of times listened to Decemberists song Sons & Daughters while washing dishes: 11

Number of times dish washing occurred: 3

Number of times Feel Like Makin’ Love has popped into my head at an inappropriate moment: 2

Number of times caught by stranger while humming Feel Like Makin’ Love: 1

Number of hours spent trying to come up with a topic actually appropriate for an entry tittled “It’s A Blog Eat Blog World”: 12.7


One Response to “It’s a Blog Eat Blog World”

  1. NutJob, Possibly Right Wing Says:

    Number of disappointing meals eaten in any asian country (lifetime): 2 (last one 5 hours ago on airplane during testing, random airline-provided takeout consisting of fried spam, two hotdogs and white rice – WTF…)

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