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Mima Beings April 23, 2007

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Saturday was interesting.  In fact, it was downright fascinating.  The Lovely Miss Q and I felt nature calling us…wait, that sounds like we both had to pee.  What I mean is, we both thought it would be nice to experience some nature.  Outside like.  Away from the people, and the buildings and the cars and whatnot.  So we went to Olympia.  

Actually, just south of Olympia, to take a look at The Mima Mounds.  (It’s pronounced ‘Myma’, like ‘Lima’.  See how that makes the tittle really funny?  If you don’t think that makes the tittle really funny then you probably don’t have a soul, and therefore have other things to worry about.)  As soon as we got out of the car this guy asked if we were there to help pull Scots Weed or Scotch Brush or some other kind of bad plant thing, and then offered us cookies.  He thought we were part of a volunteer group working on clearing the invasive (but I’m sure delightfully accented!) bad stuff.  This had two immediate effects.  TLMQ felt instant guilt that we were not there to volunteer, and I mostly felt upset that she turned down his cookies before I could accept.  They looked like chocolate chip.    

I reminded TLMQ that she works for a non-profit group dedicated to stopping global warming.  She reminded me that she had brought a chocolate candy bar with her.  Thus fortified, we were able to go on.

So off we went down this little paved path, which led out of the forest and into this crazy landscape full of, you guessed it, mounds.  Most about my height or a little taller.  Nobody knows what the hell they are, or where they came from.  Most people seem to agree that they aren’t burial mounds, but that’s about it.  There was a drawing from an aerial perspective at the little information kiosk, and seen from above they looked remarkably evenly spread out.  And there are a lot of them.  So there we were, pondering the mysteries of the universe, avoiding eye contact with the volunteers, and sort of generally milling about. 

That’s when we heard the gun shots.  Turns out the Mima Mounds border a shooting range.  Because there is nothing that puts a person more at ease when traversing a strange and alien and WIDE OPEN landscape then the sound of intermittent gun fire.  Kudos to whoever approved that plan.  Suddenly it felt like we were in a low budget WWI movie, waiting to be ambushed by angry Germans.  This feeling intensified when an single engine aircraft took off right next to us and proceeded to do some sort of acrobatic routine over our heads.  We headed for the woods.    

Upon reaching the safety of the forest we decided that even though it had technically taken more time to drive to the mounds than we spent actually exploring them, we had had about enough of nature for the day.  And we had passed a Cost Plus World Market on the way there.  You can find more nature there than you can shake a stick at, and it’s all conveniently formed into the shapes of dressers and tables and stuff!  And they have beer.   

Six hours later, the day ended with a celebration of the anniversary of Kit Kat’s birth, where I had the pleasure of watching her eat five mini burgers, and then delicately push away the sixth.  Because really, six mini burgers would be too much.  Happy Birthday Kit Kat!  We will have to watch *No Reservations soon!       

*Do you know what is very clever Internet?  Buying your friends presents that you will also enjoy!  Everybody wins!  But mostly YOU win!  Winning is awesome.  


One Response to “Mima Beings”

  1. Kit Kat Says:

    Heck yes we will! And to be fair, Grandmaster Flash had a couple of those burgers.

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