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A very small fish indeed April 27, 2007

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Yesterday marked eight weeks since the Peace Corps received my medical packet.  It’s supposed to take between four and six weeks for them to review it.  Since I hadn’t heard from them since they got the thing, I figured I would be pro-active (even though I HATE that term, almost as much as I hate the terms ‘action item’ and ‘outside the box’) and call them up. 

The nurse in charge of my file is named Anthony.  Anthony is efficient and helpful.  Anthony also:

  1. Has a very thick Southern accent
  2. Talks really, really fast, and
  3. Pauses for awkward amounts of time—just long enough, in fact, that I think he is waiting for me to reply, so I start to talk, but then he suddenly continues, and then we are both talking, me at a fairly standard rate and him as if I’ve just raised my paddle in a climactic bid for a stunning 19th century Shaker Hutch.  And then we both sort of stop and wonder what just happened. 

Although I must give credit where credit is due and add that even though I often have no idea what Anthony is saying, all I have to do to get a hold of him is dial a number and enter his extension.  No phone trees, no trying to Articulate Every Syllable to a robot who seems to know every letter beside R, S, T, L, N and E.  Which is more than I can say for Verizon, a company that can turn even me, the most unshakable of optimists, into a suicidal basket case in less then 11 minutes.

So anyway, I let Anthony know that it had been two months and I hadn’t heard anything.  And he said, “Oh yes.  Let me see here…(pause, this one much less awkward)…looks like you should be hearing from us in 45-60 days.”  


Oh my.  Apparently I am still ‘right on track’, its just that there are a lot of other people with much higher priority than me.  Like people who are leaving the country in July.  Which I understand—it makes sense that they would need to process those files first.  And I’ve read and been told over and over again that the number one quality a PC volunteer needs to possess is patience.  So.  Here I am, being patient.  Mostly.

The one nugget of good news ol’ Tony was able to give me was that apparently a file can be received and cleared in one day.  It’s just a matter of getting that file in front of the right person.  So it could feasibly be less than ANOTHER TWO MONTHS before I hear.

I suppose this is where that optimism I was mentioning earlier comes into play.     


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