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I'm supposed to be doing something else right now.

I am having a day. May 1, 2007

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Y’all.  I was all set to write about the Ladies Night (where, in a remarkable display of irony there was zero discussion of weddings or hair, and instead a spirited round table session in which we detailed all the ways that Boys!  Are such GIRLS!), or about how awesome a movie Death Becomes Her is (truly awesome), or how lovely the bike ride to Magnuson Beachis from my apartment (truly lovely).

Then I went to see the oral surgeon this morning.

Feelings of stress ensued. 

So I am not writing about any of the above items today, but needed to write something anyway, because it’s May now and I get a perverse sense of accomplishment every time a new month pops up in my archives section. 

I’m sorry, Internet, but you were a necessary accomplice in this ego driven act.  So I figured the least I can do is to give you something to look at that is either so cute or so funny it makes you want to puke.  Viola:

So cute!


So funny!




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