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%#@&! May 23, 2007

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  • New work computer that allows me to have two monitors!

Not Awesome:

  • Loss of approximately 10G of music
  • New SLOWER computer which allows me more time to think about crappiness of new computer
  • Everything is jacked
  • JACKED!!!!!

17 Responses to “%#@&!”

  1. Really Old and Dated SecretAgentMan Says:


    Got ya covered with some replacement Toby Keith, sorry to hear about the PC.

  2. Oh man. Possibly the only man on earth who disgusts me more than Bush. Sorry dude, but it’s the truth. I hate that guy. Mom, however, loves him.
    Perhaps he only appeals to people of a certain generation? ;)

  3. Deep End Says:

    So, this guy is a musician who sings songs – what can he possibly have done to you to inspire hate and disgust?

  4. Well, first of all I don’t wish him death or anything, and I respect his right to be whoever he wants, but I personally find him to be obnoxious–a parody of what ‘men’ and ‘Americans’ are supposed to be. His ‘boot in your ass song’ makes me cringe every time I hear it. I’m sorry Mr. Keith, but it’s NOT actually ‘the American way’ and it makes me want to scream to rest of the world that we’re not all like that–that some of us are able to see the world in shades of gray and have enough intelligence and empathy to realize that one can disagree with their government and still be fiercely patriotic at the same time. His short sided notion that anything short of blind devotion to our leader is somehow un-American is obscene and misguided.
    And if I remember correctly, you have some similar feelings about George Clooney, no? Isn’t he ‘just an actor who makes movies’? A very, very charming actor…

  5. Deep End Says:

    I don’t hate Clooney, and have actualy enjoyed some of his movies. For the most part (and keep in mind I don’t get out much) the only people I hear whining about patriotism are lefties trying to deflect the argument from ideas to the notion of one’s patriotism being questioned. And I hope that Mr. Keith’s way is the American way, that if someone murders 3000 Americans then America will boot up and kick the hell out of them, rather than trying to understand the angst and trauma that drove well to do Saudis to murder innocents. I don’t give a good god damn whether someone feels offended and thinks that constitutes a right to merder, and I don’t care if one god or another has decreed that all infidels, or all jews, or all atheists, or all non-aryan nation non-whites must be converted or killed. If someone feels a need to attack my country and my fellow citizens, then I want my country to take off the gloves and eliminate the threat. No questions asked, no shades of gray, and post-mortem teabagging allowed. And believe it or not, disagreeing with my government and being patriotic is very prevalent for right wingers despite our low IQs and hairy ground dragging knuckles. Someone sings a song that says if you commit a sneak attack on the United States we will respond with force and that makes them unintelligent? And you somehow interpret that to requiring blind devotion to a leader? What do you think the REAL American Way response to an attack should be? Apologize for all the evil in the world that the United States has caused and hope that no one attacks us again? Or go overseas to complain to a foreign audience that the American president is an idiot? Geez, at least have the balls to stay here and complain. But I drift. And I think I’ll have lunch now.

  6. Deep End Says:

    dag nag it, I meant murder in the sixth line…

  7. Maybe you should have a couple of beers with your lunch.

    Because right now you’re making me want to put a boot in YOUR ass.

  8. Deeply Stupid Says:

    And I deeply apolgize for the overseas audience comment, which was aimed at the Dixie Chicks and Natalie Mains, along with others who go give speeches overseas. I am in awe of your decision to go into the Peace Corps and try to make the world a better place, especially in going to Africa, and sincerely wish you great success in that endeavor. You have obviously called Bush an idiot right here at home, and to my face, and I in no way think you are going overseas to complain. And you obviously have the balls (ahem) given your intended path in life. I am sorry for my poor wording that caused you pain.

  9. You know what the awesome thing about mushy leftist liberals is? We love to kiss and make up.
    PS – The Dixie Chicks rock. Don’t suppose you’ve seen the documentary about the incident?

  10. Deeply Right Says:

    Hav not seen the documentary, but Rush told me what to think about the whole incident so I’m good. Some Dixie Chick music is good, but it’s the same with all performers – if you insist on injecting politics into the entertainment service you are providing, don’t complain when people who disagree with you let that affect their purchases. I still listen to Traveling Soldier now and then, but will not buy any more of their music. I may pirate it if they do another song I like…

  11. Hmm. My issues is not so much with people choosing not to buy their music. If they want to boycott, more power to them, and of course the Dixie Chicks can’t really complain about that. (And they didn’t–they choose instead to stand by their statements and find new fans and boy howdy did it feel great to see them get those Grammy’s.) My problem is that they received DEATH THREATS for voicing their opinions. Some people (a lot of people) reacted in such ridiculous, self-righteous ways, completely out of line with the situation. You don’t want to buy their albums anymore? Awesome. I don’t buy Toby Keith’s albums either. But do we really need to publicly crucify these women simply for having the audacity to have strong opinions?

  12. Deeply Right Says:

    Death threats are never justified, and I don’t think they were widespread. They also are certainly not limited to, or even primarily aimed at, people like the Dixie Chicks. They are directed at both sides of the aisle. And the Grammys were a political exercise – didn’t I hear the Chicks had to add tour dates because they were selling out? Oh no, that’s right, they had to start selling their music through Starbucks and cancel concert dates in the US. I thought I remembered the Chicks complaining about country stations not playing their music anymore? But they did point out that they never considered themselves ‘country’ anyway, so I guess that only made sense. We do get to voice our opinion of their opinion, which I think falls below the level of nailing them to crosses and letting them slowly die. If someone speaks out in a public forum (in a foreign country, if I dare mention that again) why should they expect immunity from criticism? It’s all just a beautiful example of exercising free speec rights…

  13. I’m not sure that it mattered to Natalie Mains how widespread the death threats were. Surely one is enough.
    And what I find curious is that so many choose to exercise their right to free speech by telling these women they should be denied their’s. I believe the main sentiment expressed was that she SHOULDN’T have spoken out in the first place?
    I don’t expect anyone who speaks out in a public forum to be surprised by criticism–I just find this particular example of criticism to be hypocritical in the extreme.

  14. I'm Sorry But I'm Just Right Says:

    Guess my recollection is different than yours – the people that I pay attention to on the right did NOT say ms Mains should not be allowed to express her opinion. They did say ms Mains should not find it strange that people who disagree with her express their own opinions. There was a big deal about radio stations not playing DC music for a while, and people burning CDs, etc, etc. Radio stations are out there to make money, and country radio stations make money by playing music that country music fans want to hear.

    If you want hypocrisy (dang I wish this thing has spell check) look to the left, where the effort is to use the force of government to shut people up (PC speech codes, eliminating speech by claiming that some group or other might be offended by it) rather than a free and open debate. Look at college campuses where you can say whatever you want so long as it fits the leftist criteria, and any group can get college funding unless they happen to be conservative or Republican.

    Honestly, leaving aside the kooks that make death threats and who I hope you will concede do not represent anything near mainstream conservatism, republicanism or country musicanism, why would an American citizen not expect a backlash for going to a foreign country and insulting the American president? I don’t think the DCs were censored, or denied their voice – please correct me if I’m wrong. I do think they are low-class (FUTK t-shirt, anyone?) lefties that are doing just fine despite all the hardship their own stupid comments were supposed to have caused them. The only real result that I see is they lost some money that they might otherwise have earned. You see something else?

  15. I feel to weary to argue this any more…but on the issue of class, I have to ask…do you think Bill O’Riley and Rush have class? I mean really? Political beliefs aside–I have rarely seen two angrier, MEANER, less classy individuals…admittedly I don’t watch/listen to either of them regularly, but I did once watch O’Riley tell a young man his dead father would be ashamed of him for voicing his opinions about 9/11. (Because his father had died in the attack.) I’m not quite sure what gave O’Riley the idea that he knew this man’s father’s politics better than the man himself–but either way…seems like a pretty disgusting thing to say to a person. And I don’t think I would be hard pressed to come up with other examples.
    So, my question is, do they represent mainstream conservatism/Republicanism?

  16. yeah, I give up too Says:

    I grew tired of O’Reilly after a couple of weeks and haven’t watched him for years, so I don’t know how angry, mean and classless he is these days. As for Rush, I have no idea how anyone who actually listens to him could call him angry, mean and classless, and it is disappointing to have you leap to such conclusions based on what is apparently second- and third-hand information. Mr. Limbaush ABSOLUTELY represents mainstream conservatism, though not necessarily the Republican party. As for Mr. O’Reilly, I don’t know. I didn’t see him tell off the young man so I don’t know what the young man was saying that motivated the comment, and I don’t know what O’Reilly knew about the father’s politics. I guess I will not comment on that based on second-hand reports. And yes, I’m done now, feel free to take the last word.

  17. Maybe I am making assumptions about Rush–if so I apologize. But still, I probably won’t be asking him to dinner any time soon. Probably that’s OK with him, too.
    And boy is it a relief that you’re not a huge O’Riley fan.
    Peace Out. :)

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