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101 May 25, 2007

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  1. That last post was my 100th!
  2. It fees like a real achievement.
  3. I actually noticed that it would be my 100th post when I wrote the 99th.
  4. I meant to celebrate reaching 100 posts IN my 100th post.
  5. I forgot though.
  6. I celebrated Anthony Bourdain instead.
  7. Which I’m pretty OK with, actually.
  8. Anyway.
  9. I was going to celebrate by doing another one of these list things…100 more facts, for my 100th post.
  10. It’s not really a complicated idea.
  11. I’m not sure why I explained it to you.
  12. I certainly don’t think you’re stupid.
  13. Unless you are a Conservative Republican.
  14. Then I am pretty surprised if you’re even able to read this.
  15. That was what you might call a cheap shot.
  16. I am bit fired up of late.
  17. You know who else sometimes takes cheap shots?
  18. Anthony Bourdain.
  19. He genearally takes them at vegetarians though.
  20. Sorry T-Bone.
  21. Ha!
  22. I just realized that T-Bone is in fact a vegetarian!
  23. I mean, I knew that already.
  24. But mostly I just started calling her T-Bone because it’s a hilarious thing to call ANYONE.
  25. T-Bone—probably you thought from the beginning that I started calling you that because you are a vegetarian?
  26. No—I am not that clever.
  27. Accept that, I guess I sort of am.
  28. But I digress.
  29. Here is my list—of 101 new facts!
  30. (Because this is actually my 101st post.)
  31. (But you were probably able to work that out on your own, weren’t you?)
  32. Today is the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend.
  33. Hot Dog!
  34. I am going backpacking this weekend.
  35. Sadly, and perhaps ironically, I won’t be eating any hot dogs.
  36. It will be my very first time backpacking.
  37. I bought a backpack last week, which I will also take with me to Africa.
  38. Of course, I still have no idea WHERE in Africa I’ll be taking it.
  39. I pretend to be very patient regarding this lack of knowledge.
  40. Really, on the inside?
  42. Other things I am impatient about?
  43. This work day being over.
  44. This JOB being over.
  45. Meeting my soul mate.
  46. Finding out what the hell is going on on Lost.
  47. Sadly, I think I will have to wait about three years for that last one.
  48. I wonder what else will be happening in three years?
  49. I mean, aside from me actually being able to speak French.
  50. And Barack Obama being President of the United States.
  51. I’m pretty sure I just described my father’s own personal little apocalypse.
  52. Sorry about that.
  53. Crap, y’all.
  54. I’ve stalled, and I’m only at 54.
  55. So I’ve got 47 more facts to go.
  56. Hum de dum.
  57. Perhaps I’ll go to lunch now.
  58. And spare you this.
  59. I’m back!
  60. I ate a fire roasted veggie bruschetta.
  61. It was DELICIOUS.
  62. I also had a beer.
  63. I quite like beer.
  64. I don’t think this is necessarily news to anyone.
  65. I just feel that I like it enough that said liking deserves absolute clarity.
  66. Do you know what else I like?
  67. That is more surprising than beer?
  68. I like Dancing With the Stars.
  69. It’s just such good natured television.
  70. Also, who can resist a person who voluntarily gives himself the nickname ‘Joey Fat One’?
  71. I didn’t used to like any reality TV.
  72. Or beer for that matter.
  73. But now?
  74. I will admit to liking some varieties of both.
  75. A LOT.
  76. Funny how things change.
  77. Although, I suppose an argument could be made that lots of people start liking lots of things once beer is involved.
  78. But I would watch America’s Next Top Model even if I were sober.
  79. I mean, I’m sure I would.
  80. Tyra is generally drunk enough for the both of us.
  81. I have a confession.
  82. I haven’t ridden my bike since the incident.
  83. Which is not good.
  84. But I need to fix the tire before I can ride it again.
  85. I keep putting it off.
  86. Which is also not good.
  87. It has occurred to me that I am perhaps a little afraid to get back on the bike.
  88. And that the only way to deal with that fear is to get back on the…horse.
  89. Luckily, I’ve heard its just like riding a bike.
  90. Ha-zing!
  91. That joke really took it out of me.
  92. Bugger!
  93. Can I just leave you with five words I think are really funny?
  94. Kumquat.
  95. Pants.
  96. Weasel.
  97. Monkey.
  98. Junk.
  99. I’ll give you a dollar if you tell me what word you think is really funny.
  100. No I won’t.

7 Responses to “101”

  1. Dr. Jones Says:

    my mom used to call me her “little kumquat.” and i think it’s cool you can have a beer with lunch and then go back to work. i am pro drinking while working, however i can’t do it. people just don’t want their massage therapist breathing booze breath on them. i say everyone should have a shot before work! also, when i was learning how to ride a bike, i fell off and i kicked that bike and said “stupid bike” and stormed into the house. so i guess i think you should take your time. you’ll ride again when you are good and ready! though, i was 7 when that happened and i haven’t ridden a bike in YEARS, so maybe you should get back on sooner rather than later. ok. a few of my funny words…onomatopoeia, toggle, cummerbund (which i always thought was cumberbund- much funnier), ambrosia, yokel. ask me agian when i am stoned and the list will go on and on…

  2. Deeply uh uh uh Right Says:

    I wood have responded sooner but I had to luk up the big werds. B. Hussein O. would probly be better than Missus Bill Klinton, butt forchewnutlee my happyness duzzn’t depend on who is in the white house. So long as the US keeps eating up 95% of the werld’s resorces to keep fat white old men happy, I’ll be happy. If we can imperialistickly muck around in sum downtrodden pore countrys at the same time, so much the bedder. Y’all.

  3. Grandmaster Flash Says:

    Words that I think are funny:


    $7, please.

  4. If I apologize will you promise to write all your comments like that?

    Yokel! Garbonzo!

    If I had ever had any intention of actually giving people money, you guys would totally deserve it.

  5. Katie Says:

    My favorite word is gubernatorial. It’s great because you get to say “guber” while talking about the govener. I’m not sure if I spelled it right.

    Hope you like the book.

    I like saying Chemeketa too.

  6. Oh, and Grandmaster Flash, may I refer you to fact #101?

    And Katie! We will finally meet! I think we should prepare lists of books to recommend to each other…

  7. Grandmaster Flash Says:

    Feel free to refer me to any number of facts; just give me my money.

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