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The Only Thing That Could Have Made This Weekend Better Would Be If One of Us Had Gotten Laid June 4, 2007

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You know what is sad? What’s sad is that last weekend marked my first trip ever to Deception Pass, quite possibly the coolest place ever. Allow me to list for you just a FEW of the cool things about Deception Pass:

  • Awesome name. It conjures up images of cranky old men on rickety ships, shouting land ho! and cursing the lack of women they must endure in their sea-faring existence. Arr…Where’s me pipe? (In my head, all sea captains are pirates. They are also all called Captain Crusty Pants McSailor Man…OK…actually I just made that up. But henceforth, all people having to do with anything nautical will be referred to as Captain Crusty Pants McSailor Man (or Woman, as the situation requires).)
  • There is this one part of the park…I think The Lovely Miss Q called it a ‘spit’…where you can stand, and on your right is a lake (Cranberry Lake! Another awesome name!) and on your left IS THE OCEAN!! (Unless you are facing the other direction…in which case, flip it.) People, this blew my mind. Lake, ocean. Ocean, lake. Whoa.
  • Ice Cream truck! Right by the lake! I never knew what was missing from all my childhood camping trips—BUT NOW I DO. The ability to beg for a Chaco Taco at any given moment—THAT is what was missing.
  • Boats for rent! For taking out on Lake Cranberry, which doesn’t allow motors! Can’t you just FEEL the relief of all those fish?
  • Site number 67, which TLMQ reserved, but only after searching and searching for a site designated ‘excellent’. ‘Excellent’ doesn’t even begin to describe it. As T-Bone said, she won’t come back unless she gets to stay in site number 67.

It was a short trip—too short really—but oh the fun we packed into that 36 hours. Aside from the fact that we were in bed by 10, we were like total Rock Stars. We brought really good, really SIMPLE food, and more importantly we brought enough BEER. Mostly we sat around and drank said beers, while smoking perhaps a few too many cigarettes. But we were on vacation. We made sure to remind each of this every time we reached for the pack. Or the cooler. Or the Natural Cheetos WHICH ARE OBVIOUSLY THE CRACK OF THE SNACK FOODS WORLD. We sat around and talked about nothing and everything and laughed and laughed about nothing and everything and I don’t think its possible to properly convey perfectly NORMAL and perfectly WONDERFUL it all was.

It was truly a girls weekend away, with two of my best (BEST!) friends in the whole world, and I really think that months from now, when I’ve having a meltdown (both mentally AND literally) in some far-off location, it will be remembering weekends like this one that will simultaneously make me want to come running home and give me the strength to hold on. It’s a strange thing when the very people in your life who give you the courage to do something terrifying are also the people you will find it hardest to do that thing without.

And I didn’t even get to the part where I got to be paddled around in a canoe without doing any work whatsoever. Camping is awesome.


4 Responses to “The Only Thing That Could Have Made This Weekend Better Would Be If One of Us Had Gotten Laid”

  1. Dr. Jones Says:

    YEAH CAMPING!!! YEAH KIM!!! that is what camping is all about. i’m glad you are living it up.

  2. Dr. Jones Says:

    we went to the coast over the weekend and stayed at my boss’s condo on the beach in westport. we brought lincoln and she was a happy beach dog! it was cold and foggy, foggy, foggy. we played on the beach anyway. lincoln was like a puppy again. racing around with a big smile!

  3. T-Bone Says:

    oh man, that was a good weekend… one question though: why did none of us actually buy anything from the ice cream truck we were SO excited about?

  4. Kit Kat Says:

    Oh man, that sounds like so much fun. I really want to go camping!

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