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I Thought This Was Gonna Be Fun And Easy. Turns Out Watching TV Is More Fun Than Writing About It. June 7, 2007

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There are many wonderful things about life, from sunsets and kittens, to Targets and booze, and I think I’m pretty blessed, in that I feel like I have lots of reasons to get out of bed in the morning (see: Target and booze), but I have to say that high up on my list, right before tater tots and right after used book stores, is television. Let the judgments begin.

Or wait, let me say this next part, and then, if you still feel the need, you can judge me all you want and even feel free to curse my shallow and meaningless life choices. I promise.

TV can be bad. It can be really, really, EXTRA bad.

But sometimes it’s not.

End of argument.

And so! I present to you…

My Top Ten Eleven Favorite Television Shows of All Time! (Sorry, I tried to do ten. I couldn’t. Sue me. Oh, and before people start bitching—The Simpson’s isn’t on my list. I’m sorry. I KNOW its great. I KNOW you love it. Everyone freaking loves it. The show is the freaking Beatles of television. Do you REALLY need to hear that I love it too? I thought not. Let’s continue, shall we?)

10. Square One/3,2,1 Contact

  • Perhaps this is technically two shows. Perhaps this is really a list of my top 12 favorite television shows of all time. Whatever. The point is—didn’t you just love the HELL out of this (these?) show(s)? I did. Remember Mathnet? “The story you’re about to see is a fib, but it’s short. The names are made up but the problems are real.” Did math ever seem cooler than in 1990? (The answer is no. Like hammer pants and hyper color T-shirts, Math’s heyday is sadly over.)

9. The X-Files

  • Oh Mulder. Where have you been all my life? It is clearly no coincidence that your first name is Fox. In spite of the fact that this show consistently scared the crap out of me, I watched it pretty religiously, partly because it was cool, but mostly because I was hoping that Mulder and Scully would finally just DO IT already, even though I also feared that said ‘doing it’ wouldn’t ruin the show, ala ‘Who’s The Boss’. Thankfully, aside from that one episode where someone took over Mulder’s body or something, Chris Carter had a bit more restraint than a 16 year old girl.

8. Lost

  • I love when a show gives you that feeling…no no not THAT feeling…that feeling that you just HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! When the idea of waiting another week for one more clue as to what in holy heaven is happening is torture. As Beez said, I wanted to ‘inject this plot into my head’. Mainline it, like heroin or something. (Here is where I start to loose my street cred…do you ‘mainline’ heroin? Or anything for that matter? Perhaps I’ve mixed up my verbiage? If so, please do let me know…I’d hate to look silly.) Anyway, to continue with the drug theme, this show just keeps me hangin’ on.

7. Murphy Brown

  • I’ve recently decided to revisit this gem of a show. The writing! It was glorious! Remember when they made fun of Dan Quale? Because he questioned the morals of a FICTIONAL CHARACTER? That was the day they made at least one fan for life. And the whole secratary bit! Even though I sort of AM a secretary now, I still think it’s hilarious.

6. The Wonder Years

  • Kevin Arnold. You of that upwardly mobile eyebrow. I FELT your pain, man. And your victories. And even though I couldn’t 100% get behind your obsession with Winnie Cooper, I still treasure the years we spent growing up together. Also, extra points for perhaps the best theme song of all time, AND for perhaps the longest running rumor of all time. So, ARE Paul Pfeiffer and Marilyn Manson the same person?

5. The Daily Show/The Colbert Report

  • Again, two shows. So I’m a big ole cheater. But I couldn’t really figure out which one I like better! And even though I couldn’t stay up until 12 on a school night at this point to save my life, these two shows have surely earned a spot on this list. Just like Mathnet, these guys make learning fun. Mess O’Potamia, anyone? And there is nothing better than getting to feel smugly superior (as us Democrats are wont to do) AND have a huge smile on your face because Stephen Colbert has just quietly reamed somebody and/or named an eagle after himself.

4. The Office

  • I am a lame-o who likes the American version. I’m sure the British version is awesome, it’s just that I got started with the Scranton branch, and then it seemed weird to suddenly be watching the same episodes (but different!) set in London. Or where ever. That place where people talk funny. PS – Jim is hot.

3. My So-Called Life

  • Perhaps you are coming to realize that I am a bit of a sucker for coming of age dramedies? I love the crap out of teenage angst. Of course I WAS a teenager when I was watching most of these shows, so maybe that only makes sense. But THIS show. I think the writers really got it, somehow, which is shocking because I’m sure they were all (gasp!) over 30. And Claire Danes was perfect. And when she cried, her face just crumpled and she looked sort of awful and that was amazing to me because I look like total shit when I cry but Joey Potter and DJ Tanner and all those other a-holes always just looked sort of dewy and pretty and what the eff is up with that? Not Angela though. She looked crappy when she cried too. And she cried A LOT because do you remember how good looking Jordan Catelano was? He was VERY good looking.

1. Freaks and Geeks

  • I’m skipping #2 and going straight to #1 because quite frankly these last shows are all just about perfect and also I forgot at the beginning of this list that it’s actually my top ELEVEN favorite shows of all time and that means that my FAVORITE show of all time would actually have to be show #0 or something like that and I’m just not quite ready for the existential ramifications of that yet. Whew. So, three #1’s. Also I’m aware that I typed out the word three and used the numeral for 1. I just don’t care. Onward, to Freaks and Geeks. Have you seen this show? I missed it when it was actually on TV, but made up for that by watching marathon sessions of the show on DVD. Again, coming of age sort of deal, but totally different from The Wonder Years AND My So-Called Life (AND The Gilmore Girls, for those of you who have peeked ahead to #1 number two) because in addition to being heartfelt this show is EFFING hilarious. Seriously. Every word out of Bill’s mouth was like gold.

#1 Number Two. The Gilmore Girls

  • Ah Stars Hollow. I refused to look you up on a map for many, many years because I didn’t want to find out that you don’t exist. Alas. You don’t exist. This show just ended recently, and I have to admit that I cried a little bit, although I looked just lovely doing it. Very dewy and pretty. I really think that the writing on this show and the writing on The West Wing is very similar, at least in its rhythms. I’m sure some people are turned off by the fast talking, but for me it was like a little trivia game every episode. Every time I would get a joke I would get to feel awesome about myself. Plus Alexis Bledel is RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS and Lauren Graham isn’t so bad herself. Plus Kirk! Ha!

#1 Number Three, The Last #1 I Promise, The West Wing

  • I have exhausted myself. This is a long ass post. I didn’t know I had so much to say about TV. So The West Wing is going to get the short end of the old stick. (Ahem, sort of like the real one is now…) And I’ve already talked about this show on this site…I’ve already admitted that it makes me laugh and cry and basically feel like I’m constantly celebrating the moments of my life. There is one other reason that I love this show though, and that reason is Bradley Whitford. I find myself strangely attracted to Bradley Whitford, in spite of the fact that he’s married to the mom from Malcolm In The Middle. (I’m sure that’s really the only thing that’s keeping us apart.) I feel too faint to describe any of the other actual reasons why I love this show. It’s just good. Kay?

Oh thank god I’m done.

What shows do you like? You’re not allowed to say The Simpson’s. I already know that you like The Simpson’s.


7 Responses to “I Thought This Was Gonna Be Fun And Easy. Turns Out Watching TV Is More Fun Than Writing About It.”

  1. T-Bone Says:

    Can I use this forum to solicit my begging request that if anyone should happen to have access to season 3 of Lost to maybe, please, share with me? I know I’m horribly slow and behind the times, but better late than never right? I miss watching all those attractive men adventuring around a deserted island… (even if Sayid has an irreparable character flaw)

  2. DUDE. Not hating Shannon is not an irreparable character flaw.
    Anyway, you think Clive Owen is unattractive so I no longer trust your taste in men. :)

  3. Grandmaster Flash Says:

    Um, Battlestar Gallactica…I don’t care what you people think; this is quite possibly the best show on television right now. Well, not RIGHT now…they’re on hiatus until 2008. It’s a damn shame, really. Think: The West Wing – IN SPACE! It’s a gritty drama that does the difficult job of touching on real world politics (e.g. suicide bombers, rigged elections, seemingly unending war, labor issues, religious fanaticism, etc.) in a fantastical setting. Its dirty view of space travel harkens back to the way the original Star Wars movie changed preconceived notions of extraterrestrial travel to the generation prior. The dialogue is sharp, smart and delivered by one of the best casts on T.V. today. Oh yeah, this show is the sh*t.

  4. Grandmaster Flash Says:

    I also forgot to mention a little cartoon series called “Home Movies”…freakin’ hilarious.

  5. Ooh I’m with you on the Home Movies. Genius stuff really.

  6. Dr. Jones Says:

    so i like the west wing too. i call it the “walking and talking” show. CJ is the shit! also my favorites include Friends, (and i don’t care if you judge me, they were my friends), and Mad About You, just love helen hunt and paul reiser (sp?)! and their dog Murray! and trish, i just finished the second season of lost, so we should totally do season three together!

  7. Katie Says:

    If only math in school was as great as Square One. I’m sure I’d be an engineer and not a substitue teacher. And The Wonder Years? I wrote a letter to Teen Beat magazine proclaiming myself Fred Savage’s #1 fan. And they printed it.

    A show I loved and want on DVD? Blossom. Flowered hats and Joey Lawernce be damned. That was a great show.

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