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I’m Going to Cameroon! June 18, 2007

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So much to say and so much research to do, but thus far here is my favorite spot of Cameroonian Trivia:

There are 47 airports in the country, and 11 have paved runways!

It’s sort of like a metaphor for life.

Also, my second favorite part of Cameroonian Trivia is the word Cameroonian.


3 Responses to “I’m Going to Cameroon!”

  1. Dr. Jones Says:

    HOLY SHIT!!! THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!! our friend josh blue, the guy that won last comic standing, was born in cameroon. he also worked at a zoo in senegal. that is sooo exciting kim! i’m so glad and happy for you! you are going to have such an amazing time :) now you can actually, really mentally prepare yourself! what a relief!

  2. Kit Kat Says:

    I don’t know much about Cameroon but I think it’s my favorite African country name. Reminds me of Macaroon. Every time I hear it I crave coconut. Congratulations!!!!

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