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And I always thought frogs legs would be more like an appetizer. June 21, 2007

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Y’all, I’m sorry for my lack of presence of late. I suppose I feel a mite overwhelmed, and also I have a limited amount of internet time each day combined with an obsession for googling the word ‘Cameroon’ + any other word I can think of…for example ‘Cameroon beach‘, ‘Cameroon demographics‘, ‘Cameroon Peace Corps Boy‘, (I know, I KNOW—and no, I didn’t join the PC to meet men, but I couldn’t help myself and to be fair I also googled ‘Cameroon Peace Corps Girl‘, which interestingly enough brought up almost exactly the same pictures), ‘Cameroon landscape‘ and ‘Cameroon food‘. As regards that last search, may I direct you to this image in particular? Wow. Who wants to visit!?!?

So, I’ve been researching and researching and alternately freaking myself out and getting terribly excited, AND I’ve been writing my ‘Aspiration Statement’ AND re-writing my resume, as per the Peace Corps request. Oh AND filling out Visa applications and a ‘no-fee passport’ application. All of which basically means I’ve written my name and address down about 20 times but each time it was the most stressful thing ever. You know how every once in a while in the course of existence you’re writing something dumb like your name or you phone number and somehow you write it wrong? Or is it just me? It doesn’t happen A LOT…I’m just saying…sometimes it’s like my brain checks out and I realize that I left out an ‘e’ or something (there are a lot of e’s in my name) and anyway every time I would go to fill out one of these EXTREMELY important forms I was afraid that this would be the moment.

Long story short—or, you know, shorter—I made it through just fine, dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s so to speak, but boy howdy did it take it out of me.

So if you will excuse me I need to get down to the important business of googling ‘Cameroon cheese’. I need to know what I’m getting into.


3 Responses to “And I always thought frogs legs would be more like an appetizer.”

  1. Dr. Jones Says:

    oh kim! you are going to be great! cy has some friends that have traveled to cameroon that i think you should talk to him about. maybe he could give you their e-mail addresses or something. like i said, our friend josh was born there and lived there for several years, also cy’s friend franny went there and worked. and our friend dave’s best friend is an actual cameroonian, born and raised and came here when he was 20. cy also said that women are pretty objectified there (fyi). i know that it would be helpful for you to talk to these people, so we should get together and cy can give you their information :)

    p.s. i always spell my name wrong! just another way i make white girls look bad!

  2. Dr. Jones Says:

    good luck with that cameroonian food! it looks…intense.

  3. Kit Kat Says:

    I bet once you cook that frog it’s really good. I had frog legs once and liked the…’course, they weren’t anywhere near THAT big…

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