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Am Terribly Busy and Important July 27, 2007

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Starting this weekend my life will begin careening wildly, gathering force and momentum, spinning and pushing and changing and then suddenly, approximately 54 days from today, I will stumble off an airplane and into a new world. A world that will require mosquito nets and possibly the slaying chickens.

We are hosting a going away BBQ this weekend (me, and The Lovely Miss Q and Beezzz—they are also going away, IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, and thank God I am too because TLMQ is one of those people who I would generally like to be NOT AWAY but I guess this is OK because we are both going away and where I am going there is a good possibility I will be distracted by a debilitating case of giardia), and after this weekend THE FOLLOWING 9 WEEKENDS ARE PLANNED. And 10 weekends from now? I will be in Cameroonholyshitholyshit. That is what I call it in my head—Cameroonholyshitholyshit. I will try to curb this tendency once I’m actually living in Cameroonholyshitholyshit. But not a moment before.

So, this weekend—BBQ of sadness and nostalgia and reminiscing, all greatly enhanced by alcohol and friends and maybe a Frisbee. Next weekend is by birthday and Dr. Jones has kindly saved me from having to do any planning or work or anything else so distasteful by hosting a BBQ of her own. Thank you thank you thank you, I totally meant to plan…something. Right. The next weekend will involve yet another going away party in Oregon, hosted by my charming mother and guaranteed to be chock full of relatives and music I don’t really enjoy. The next weekend will involve packing and driving to Vancouver, BC to pick up T-Bone and Grandmaster Flash who I guess are just too lazy to ride their bikes back to Seattle AFTER RIDING THEM TO CANADA. God. The next weekend I will go camping with everyone I know—so not so much camping as having yet another BBQ only at this one I can just pass out where I am standing instead of trying to find my way home. The next weekend I will move my stuff to Oregon. The next weekend I will be on a road trip with T-Bone involving such glamorous destinations as the Tillamook Cheese Factory and Crater Lake. We are equally excited about both. The next weekend will find me drunk and mostly likely crying in either Connecticut or New York with TLMQ and Brookers. And I believe the next weekend will find me in Cameroonholyshitholyshit.

Wow. Are you as exhausted as I am? If all goes to according to plan I will also be fitting in both a tattoo and a sky diving trip, although hopefully not at the same time.

[Holy crap! I sound like The Most Exciting Person in the world. So I feel I must share with you a more accurate description of my life: I spent last night watching The Holiday with my cat, and I totally loved most of it, and I cried. TWICE. Even worse than that? I started out watching a somewhat reputable Robert Altman film and then turned it off in favor of watching Jude Law experiencing the Magic of Christmas. So you see, I am actually both The Most Exciting Person in the world and The 2nd Corniest. (The Corniest Person in the world is obviously T-Bone, and that is only part of what makes her so awesome.)]

Anyway–I hope to see anyone who’s reading this at one of the various events mentioned above. Or, you know, in Cameroonholyshitholyshit. I can’t guarantee you won’t get diarrhea, but if you come visit me I will totally buy you a beer, and maybe even slay you a chicken.


6 Responses to “Am Terribly Busy and Important”

  1. Dr. Jones Says:

    wow! i’m tired all ready. i am glad to report that i will be seeing you at three of the afore mentioned activities and i wish you well at the tillamook cheese factory. i have been there and it is cool. be sure to get some ice cream cones.

  2. Kit Kat Says:

    Yeah, the cheese factory is awesome. And will you really slay me a chicken?

  3. If you are willing to get your ass to Cameroonholyshitholyshit the least I can do is murder you a fowl.

  4. T-Bone Says:

    1) i can’t believe you wrote this before our conversation last night. or better said, i can’t believe we had the conversation we had last night and i’m only just reading this now.

    2) am i really that corny? i guess i am. people keep telling me this. sigh..

  5. Grandmaster Flash Says:

    I am totally taking you up on that slain chicken…and yes T-Bone, you are just that corny.

  6. […] direct through them and it takes 2-4 weeks, but saving $50 is very awesome.), I’m going to yet another BBQ this weekend, and I have French tonight FOR THREE […]

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