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You’re Welcome July 27, 2007

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I just wanted to let you know that my Goddamn Rock Solid Ghetto Shiznit Name is:

Wankmaster Kawfi

Please tell me yours.


8 Responses to “You’re Welcome”

  1. Dr. Jones Says:

    i am Ass Machine T. i also threw cy’s name in there and he is Vivacious B. i like mine better.

  2. JJ Hellgate Says:

    Wait a minute, I’m also a Kawfi – Ass Machine Kawfi, that is.

    BTW, you’re going to be fine in Africa. I’m close to two people who have gone to Africa for more than 1 year and have come back 1) alive and 2) without malaria. When you get lonely under the brilliant African night sky, just think about how you’ll never have to “pull a CSR” again.

  3. OMG Miss Hellgate. Thank you.

  4. Kit Kat Says:

    I’m Wankmaster Lobos, which is suspiciously close to yours.

  5. T-Bone Says:

    whoa, mine’s not like any of yours…

    Doctor Cwac Cwac


    and hahah, when i use ‘patricia’ i get:

    Fellatio Cwac Cwac !

  6. Dr. Jones Says:

    the first time i put cy’s name in as “cyrus berryman” i just put him in as “cy berryman” and his name came out Lucky B. i still like mine better.

  7. Dr. Jones Says:

    i think trish’s is the best though.

  8. Grandmaster Flash Says:

    Okay, mine turns out to be:

    Peeping Joe Cwac Cwac

    Surprisingly accurate.

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