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In Which the Metaphor Continues August 9, 2007

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I’m not sure what to say today as in the continuing WWFBofE, Apathy has suddenly entered the fight and taken out all the other contenders with a strong left hook. I am numb. I wish I could claim to be comfortably numb, but truthfully I’m finding the feeling to be less than pleasant, and WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT? What is the point of numbness that is tinged with anxiety?

I suppose the source of my malaise can be traced quite easily to two events: 1) I made a list of things I might need to buy for my Big Adventure, and it was longer than I would have liked it to be which in turn made me feel more poor than I would like to feel, and 2) The Lovely Miss Q is at this moment driving to the other side of the country. I realize that in 41 days (41 days!) I will in fact by flying to the other side of the world, but still. I’M supposed to be the one doing the leaving. Also, it’s possible that I’m a little jealous that tomorrow morning she and Beezzz will wake up somewhere in Montana, whereas I will wake up somewhere in my bedroom.

Here is what I just decided to do. I will make a list of things I will miss about TLMQ and Beezzz. Because clearly listing things that I love that will no longer be in my life is the surest way to feel better about the loss.

  • Their cats. Jack who so obviously loves me and Jill who may or may not love me and she will just keep that information to herself thank you very much now pet me like you mean it or get out of my life.
  • TLMQ’s habit of making up words that manage that convey exactly what she means with little or no regard to the rules of the English (or any other) language, but that sometimes rhyme. Examples include ‘Blarghey’ and ‘Scootchie your bootchies’.
  • Beezzz’s imitation of kelp. Spot. On.
  • TLMQ’s ability to appreciate the awesomeness of both insert name of band I’ve never heard of here and Britney Spears.
  • Beezzz’s absolute disdain for all things Britney Spears-esque.
  • TLMQ’s home cookin’.
  • Wednesdays.

Oh dear. It looks like Apathy has found a little competition in the form of Oh My God My Best Friend Is Leaving Me Shit Shit Oh Shit.

TLMQ and I have been talking a lot lately about life, and time passing, and choices and any number of other topics that would be fitting subject manner for a Lifetime Movie Event. Both of us feel pretty overwhelmed with all the changes and the stress and the packing and the good-byes, but both us have also been incapable of having the moment we feel our friendship deserves.

But Now Hear This, TLMQ: Moment or no moment, I miss you already. I count on you more than you may know, and probably more than I know—although I suppose I’ll find out about that last part soon enough. I cannot wait to see the life you build out there, and to meet the new people who will be lucky enough to become a part of that life. I hope Connecticut is ready for the Smigley’s.

And if I may ask one last favor? Please buy a comfortable couch. Because in about two and a half years, I’m going to need to sleep on it.


4 Responses to “In Which the Metaphor Continues”

  1. T-Bone Says:

    I’ll just say that for all of you moving and making major life changes and not feeling overwhelming sentimentality (which seems like the way it is for all of you in this wave of transition), I can’t read this without tearing up. Just like I cried in your apartment last night, alone with Winston and a mostly empty bookshelf next to boxes. I feel sad. And I’m not going anywhere. I miss you guys already. And lastly, I promise that really underneath my own emotions, I am so so sooo happy for you guys who are making really hard but necessary and great huge steps. You are an inspiration.

  2. Well T-Bone, that just made me cry. Two points for you.

  3. Dr. Jones Says:

    sentimentality aside, i’d like to see beezzz’s impression of kelp.

  4. TLMQ Says:

    Wow. It took me a week and a half of living in CT to finally read your back entries of blogging. This is coming a little late, but I miss you every day and the biggest difference so far here is that I can’t pick up the phone and say “Come over!!”

    -See you in two weeks, lady.

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