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Office Space August 14, 2007

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Two girls in my office just got into a shouting match. About, you know, work stuff that is only interesting to people within 10 feet of this building and even then it’s not that interesting.

But still—pretty exciting afternoon! Thank god it will soon be over. (Ten more work days! TEN!!!)

I’m pretty sure there’s no shouting in Cameroon, but if there is at least it will probably be in French and therefore sound pretty and sophisticated. And if there is one thing people say about me it’s that I fall down a lot. But the other thing that people say about me is that I always shout prettily and sophisticatedly. I shout almost as good as I write.


7 Responses to “Office Space”

  1. Grandmaster Flash Says:

    You do fall down a lot.

  2. Dr. Jones Says:

    nothing like girl on girl hot office action!

  3. Dr. Jones Says:

    dammit noel! you beat me to the number one spot by a mere minute. actually i think it was seconds because as i was writing, your comment was not there, but when i hit submit, there you were! you sneaky, sneaky bastard!

  4. You guys are eerily fast. Can you SEE me posting?

  5. Grandmaster Flash Says:


  6. Dr. Jones Says:

    there is a disturbance in the force…kim.

  7. Kit Kat Says:

    Oh man, work place drama. Do I ever know about that. Fun stuff.

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