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T Minus 29 Days August 21, 2007

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I received an email from the Peace Corps’ Cameroon Desk (Do you think there is a desk somewhere in DC painted like the Cameroonian flag? I do.) stating that my staging packet was mailed yesterday. Which means that by the end of the week I could be in possession of plane tickets.

Other miscellaneous things I am already in possession of include a roll of duct tape and a fake wedding ring.

I guess that means I’m ready.


4 Responses to “T Minus 29 Days”

  1. Dr. Jones Says:

    “tickets?! i love tickets!”

    name that movie.

    i find myself in possession of one extremely old, extremely rowdy dog and one leash. i guess that means we’re walking.

  2. I can’t name that movie!! What is it?

  3. Dr. Jones Says:

    the correct answer for $5,000 and this fine dinet set is…Charlie’s Angels!!!!

  4. T-Bone Says:

    i love that you have a fake wedding ring. can i get a fake wedding ring too when i come visit?

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