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This is one case where i believe excessive punctuation is warrented August 28, 2007

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Y’all, get ready for some serious CAPS LOCK ACTION, and also perhaps a couple of these: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today!!! Right Now!!!! I am currently experiencing my last day at work!!!!

Let me repeat that: MY LAST DAY AT WORK.

Hot dog in a hand basket I’m excited. Not because my job was terrible (although I am beyond excited to start work at a job I feel…what’s that word again? Ah yes, COMMITTED…to) and not because my co-workers weren’t great (they actually were. Super Great.) but because not having an office job apparently leaves me free to write deliriously grammar free sentences like this one. I mean holy hell.

Perhaps I should take a breath…


Tonight I am going out to celebrate with T-Bone and Grandmaster Flash, in honor of those many nights we first spent together four years ago, drinking cheep beers at whatever bar in the U District we ended up at after working the late shift at Barnes and Noble.

I can still remember the first time I met T-Bone. I saw her looking at a copy of Mojo at the magazine rack one night and I remember thinking that her shirt looked cool and so I walked up and said something to her—I’m sure it was something spectacular and witty like, “So, you like Mojo?” and she must have replied enthusiastically because T-Bone says almost everything enthusiastically and so I offered her a ride home and suddenly we were having one of those conversations where you just have too much to say and you just KNOW that this person will be your friend. And then she was.

I don’t remember meeting Grandmaster Flash. I remember hearing his name one morning in the break room when somebody stumbled in looking especially bleary eyed and when another co-worker ask how they were they said they had been out with Grandmaster Flash the night before. Everyone in the room sort of nodded knowingly and I was intrigued. And then suddenly, probably less than a week later, I was the one stumbling into the break room bleary eyed, having been initiated into GmF’s unique style of drinking (1. Start Drinking, 2. Don’t Stop Drinking) and GmF was my friend and it was like he had always been my friend and I had never not known him. He is sort of ninja like in his friend-making powers.

Now I am trying not to imagine my life without these two people in it. Though they have shown me nothing but support from beginning, it seems wrong somehow, to be planning this adventure without them. I can’t wait for them to visit me.

It would appear that I have gone from ‘ALL CAPS LOCK OH MY GOD LIFE IS SO AWESOME’ to ‘sniff sniff shit I’m leaving all these people that I love’ in about four paragraphs. Damn.

I’ll miss you guys.



4 Responses to “This is one case where i believe excessive punctuation is warrented”

  1. Dr. Jones Says:

    awe schucks. i just keep feeling the love. -kim’s love, that is, for everyone. you guys are nice people :) and funny. is that picture from camping?

  2. T-Bone Says:

    well kim, i wanted to tell you how reading this earlier today at work made me openly cry at my desk but i figured that telling you that would just make me cry again. and you already made me cry at our table, as it was. besides, i’ll save the good tears for when we really say goodbye.

    but man, this is one of the nicest things ever. seriously. : ) good thing you put that faint sticker on your water bottle because before you ever approached me at good old b&n i already decided you were pretty cool too.

    love you!

  3. Grandmaster Flash Says:

    Kimberlee, you unnecessarily sentimental person, you…you’ve gone and made me all veclemped. I’ve got to agree with T-Bone…this is one of the nicest things ever. I’m going to miss you too, kid.

  4. Kit Kat Says:

    That is so sad and happy and cute. I feel depressed.

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