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I’m Here! I’m Alive! September 24, 2007

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Hello!  Lots of people in line behind me, but I just wanted to say that I’m here and it’s great and crazy and busy and not busy and a million other weird things.

Best moment so far: realizing the Cameroonian man on the plane near me had the same ring tone as me—Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These (This?).  Anyway, it was awesome.

I should have a cell phone tomorrow or the next day, so if you want to call me, email me and I’ll send you my number…also, I feel like I didn’t get everyone’s address before I left, so please email me those too.

I’ll try to prepare a more interesting post for next time!!


So Far So Good September 19, 2007

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So my group is huge…I think there are 42 of us.  So far everyone I’ve talked to seems great.  More than great actually, they all seem like really cool people in all of their individual ways and I wish I had more than 7 minutes right now to tell you about them but the sad truth is I’m choosing a burger and a beer over filling y’all in on my life.

But!  There is totally a guy here that I worked with at Barnes & Noble!!! What the hell?  Very weird but the good news is that he was one of the people I liked.

Anyway I am feeling reassured and good about this whole experience—at least at the moment.  There were a couple of seconds before things started up for real that I felt more terrified than I have to date.  But at the moment I just feel hungry and content in a dazed sort of way.

The moment though, when the woman said “In 48 hours when you’re in Cameroon” totally scared the shit out of me.

More later, as soon as I can…


I should be sleeping. September 18, 2007

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But I’m not.

I’m thinking about tomorrow.

And yesterday.

I’m thinking about everything.

Except today.


Either I’m in denial, or I’m handling this incredibly well.

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Tomorrow is the big day. Although truth be told, yesterday, and the day before that, and the two days before that all felt pretty big too. And I can’t imagine the trend changing anytime soon.

Today though, is about relaxing and preparing, both of which I’m being aided in by The Lovely Miss Q. People, if you ever decide to leave the country for two years to go live in a place where you don’t know anyone or speak the language or really even know that much about the culture, I recommend that you come stay with TLMQ and Beezzz before you go. Or my mom. Or my dad. Or my brother and sister. Or T-Bone or Grandmaster Flash or have a party at Mike’s and hang out with Kit Kat and Dr. Jones and Cy and Josie. Also give Winston Churchill a giant giant hug and never mind the wiggling. That just means he likes it.

Because the crazy thing is (besides the fact that next week at this time I will be in West Africa), I do feel pretty relaxed and prepared. Maybe it will feel different tonight, when I’m lying in bed and I’m forced to think about tomorrow and next week and next month and all of the wide gulf of the unknown ahead of me, but right now, at this moment I feel ready for this adventure. And I’m so incredibly grateful for that, because I know it is only partially due to me. Mostly it is due to the incredible support I have in my life. I know I already wrote about this, but maybe you can forgive me for getting a little nostalgic in these last hours of familiarity.

But I meant to write about other things today. I meant to write about Manhattan and Brooklyn and our fabulous dinner plans tonight and the massage TLMQ just got for me. But…how do people do that? How do they know exactly what to provide for you in your moment of chaos? And then how do they deliver it to you, so seamlessly, so seemingly effortlessly and with so little fanfare that before you even know you are lying wrapped in their warmth and suddenly you just know that you must be ready for whatever it is that is in front of you, because with someone like that behind you, you can’t possibly fail.

It seems that at this moment I’m incapable of feeling anything other than gratitude.  And you know what?  I feel pretty grateful for that.

So I’ll leave you with the immortal words of Whitesnake, only partially altered to suit my purposes:

Here I go again on my own, going down one of many roads I’ve never known…


Methinks the lady doth protest too much (And by protest I mean walk up and down the mall for two hours looking for all the other Democrats.) September 16, 2007

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I’m not sure what I think about protests as a way of actually causing change, but I can verify for you that they can cause blisters.



Hello, I am actively defending my 1st Amendment rights. But in a pleasant sort of way.

I didn’t really know what to expect, having never before protested anything more significant than the new Becky on Rosanne, but in retrospect everything about yesterday seems sort of…right. My friends and I, like the Democratic Party, were sort of disorganized in our approach, so we missed all of the speaking and rallying and general pumping up of spirit, but we caught the march about halfway to the capitol building and joined in after we realized that the people we were standing next to on the sidelines were yelling “Shame on you!” to all the passers by—most of whom were dressed in flowing clothes and responding with peace signs. Which I have to say, I totally dug. Though I also dug the guy who responded with a very succinct “Fuck you!”

So anyway, we realized were protesting next to people who were actually protesting us, and figured maybe we should get into the fray, lest it appear that we were being rude. We didn’t spend 11 hours in a Taurus to be associated with people who accessorize with eagles. LOTS of eagles.


See? Peace sign and a smile. Who says you can’t be polite while demanding impeachment?


Do you see how no one in this picture is wearing an iron-on patch that says “Jane Fonda. American Traitor. BITCH!!!!”. That’s how I knew I was standing in the right place.


The Last Hurrah Part 3 September 12, 2007

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Tonight is my last night in Washington. I wish I had words to tell you what kind of effect that is having on me. Actually I wish I knew what kind of effect that is having on me. It must be a large one, right? Right.

Tomorrow I fly to the East Coast to visit The Lovely Miss Q. In about a week I fly off into what is, for me anyway, the oblivion.

Shit. This is hard, y’all.

This morning I looked like this:



but I’m going to blame that on T-Bone.

It’s almost midnight and I have to be up in about 4 hours and I don’t really know what to say, except—thank you. To all of the people (and there are a lot of you) who made this city my home, thank you. I feel like I can’t type it hard enough. THANK YOU. Such paltry words, but there they are. Thank you.

So I’ll see you in two years. I’ll be the girl you want to punch in the face because she starts every sentence with “You know, when I was living in Africa..”.

Until then, good bye my friends…


May all of our futures be bright.


I Think The Exact Quote Was “This Yurt Rules!” September 9, 2007

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Day One:

Planned Departure Time: 9 AM
Actual Departure Time: 12:30 PM

Number of times planned to leave house: 1
Number of times actually left house: 2

Number of speeding tickets planned: 0
Number of speeding tickets received: 1 (so far)

Number of cheese curds eaten: 7
Number of pictures of cheese taken: 76

Number of pictures taken in campground bathroom: 76 (none dirty)

Number of times we wondered how, in fact, tides work: 4

Cost of tent site at South Beach Campground: $22
Cost of fucking yurt at South Beach Campground: $30
Number of times rejoiced over above fact: 76

Level of awesomeness achieved by Bob Marley, Paul Simon and Tom Petty: Incalculable

Number of times I thought uncalcuable an actual word: 1

Number of times T-Bone did the good laugh during the writing of this post: 756

Amount of photos included in this post: 0 (Because Kim is an asshole)

Bottles of wine planned on opening: 1
Bottles of wine currently open: 2

Amount of strength required to open Kettle chips bag: way more than Kim has

Number of men also camping at South Beach who left the GD toilet seat up in the GD port-a-potty: at least 1

Number of Mike Rowe references: 76

Number of possible romantic moments completely lost on T-Bone and Kim: 76

Number of people on couch in yurt: 2
Number of open bags of chips on couch in yurt: 2
Number of pairs of pants T-Bone wore to the beach: 2

How funny T-Bone thinks it is that we can each have our own picnic table: way too funny
How funny Kim thinks it is: not that funny

Number of minutes T-Bone and Kim spent pondering asinine question of who else (besides Mike Rowe, Dave Matthews, and Ewen McGregor) is ‘the perfect man’: 12

How much we like the word ‘wicked’: a lot

Amount of context for anyone else reading above fact: 0

Number of tiny waiters who loved T-Bone: 1
Level of hilarity this provided to Kim, on scale of 1 to 10: 7

Number of times T-Bone referred to herself in 3rd person: 1

Number of minutes car left parked in front of gas pump with no regard for anyone else: at least 18
Number of GODIVA shit “cooled coffee” beverages consumed: 2
Number of espresso shacks passed after “cooled coffee” beverages: countless

Frequency of unnervingly similar thought processes between Kim and T-Bone: approximately every 30 seconds

Length of time T-Bone and Kim entertained by list format of post: forever

Days Two, Three & Four:

Wait for it…