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I Think The Exact Quote Was “This Yurt Rules!” September 9, 2007

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Day One:

Planned Departure Time: 9 AM
Actual Departure Time: 12:30 PM

Number of times planned to leave house: 1
Number of times actually left house: 2

Number of speeding tickets planned: 0
Number of speeding tickets received: 1 (so far)

Number of cheese curds eaten: 7
Number of pictures of cheese taken: 76

Number of pictures taken in campground bathroom: 76 (none dirty)

Number of times we wondered how, in fact, tides work: 4

Cost of tent site at South Beach Campground: $22
Cost of fucking yurt at South Beach Campground: $30
Number of times rejoiced over above fact: 76

Level of awesomeness achieved by Bob Marley, Paul Simon and Tom Petty: Incalculable

Number of times I thought uncalcuable an actual word: 1

Number of times T-Bone did the good laugh during the writing of this post: 756

Amount of photos included in this post: 0 (Because Kim is an asshole)

Bottles of wine planned on opening: 1
Bottles of wine currently open: 2

Amount of strength required to open Kettle chips bag: way more than Kim has

Number of men also camping at South Beach who left the GD toilet seat up in the GD port-a-potty: at least 1

Number of Mike Rowe references: 76

Number of possible romantic moments completely lost on T-Bone and Kim: 76

Number of people on couch in yurt: 2
Number of open bags of chips on couch in yurt: 2
Number of pairs of pants T-Bone wore to the beach: 2

How funny T-Bone thinks it is that we can each have our own picnic table: way too funny
How funny Kim thinks it is: not that funny

Number of minutes T-Bone and Kim spent pondering asinine question of who else (besides Mike Rowe, Dave Matthews, and Ewen McGregor) is ‘the perfect man’: 12

How much we like the word ‘wicked’: a lot

Amount of context for anyone else reading above fact: 0

Number of tiny waiters who loved T-Bone: 1
Level of hilarity this provided to Kim, on scale of 1 to 10: 7

Number of times T-Bone referred to herself in 3rd person: 1

Number of minutes car left parked in front of gas pump with no regard for anyone else: at least 18
Number of GODIVA shit “cooled coffee” beverages consumed: 2
Number of espresso shacks passed after “cooled coffee” beverages: countless

Frequency of unnervingly similar thought processes between Kim and T-Bone: approximately every 30 seconds

Length of time T-Bone and Kim entertained by list format of post: forever

Days Two, Three & Four:

Wait for it…


6 Responses to “I Think The Exact Quote Was “This Yurt Rules!””

  1. Dr. Jones Says:

    this is your best blog yet!

    number of times jones laughed out loud while reading this blog: too many to count, my stomach hurts!

    number of times cy asked jones from the other room in a funny voice if she was chatting with her little boyfriend: 1

    list format is by far the best way to communicate.

  2. Really, NOTHING Changes Says:

    Well, yeah, okay, but how many women left the GD toilet seat down in the GD port-a-potty?

    And what about a campground bathroom made it rate up there with, er, cheese curd?

  3. Kit Kat Says:

    Who’s Mike Rowe? Wait, I’m going to look him up.

  4. Kit Kat Says:

    The “Dirty Jobs” guy? Um, ok…I guess he is pretty cool, and has a good sense of humor…still, strange choice.

    Kim, I can’t believe you’re gone.

  5. T-Bone Says:

    Mike Rowe is super hot, Kit Kat! I’m slightly disappointed you didn’t immediately find his deep voice and perfectly muscular arms completely irresistible!

    And I’m definitely in denial about you being gone. Except for the moments when I experience a wave of sadness about it all…

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