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Methinks the lady doth protest too much (And by protest I mean walk up and down the mall for two hours looking for all the other Democrats.) September 16, 2007

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I’m not sure what I think about protests as a way of actually causing change, but I can verify for you that they can cause blisters.



Hello, I am actively defending my 1st Amendment rights. But in a pleasant sort of way.

I didn’t really know what to expect, having never before protested anything more significant than the new Becky on Rosanne, but in retrospect everything about yesterday seems sort of…right. My friends and I, like the Democratic Party, were sort of disorganized in our approach, so we missed all of the speaking and rallying and general pumping up of spirit, but we caught the march about halfway to the capitol building and joined in after we realized that the people we were standing next to on the sidelines were yelling “Shame on you!” to all the passers by—most of whom were dressed in flowing clothes and responding with peace signs. Which I have to say, I totally dug. Though I also dug the guy who responded with a very succinct “Fuck you!”

So anyway, we realized were protesting next to people who were actually protesting us, and figured maybe we should get into the fray, lest it appear that we were being rude. We didn’t spend 11 hours in a Taurus to be associated with people who accessorize with eagles. LOTS of eagles.


See? Peace sign and a smile. Who says you can’t be polite while demanding impeachment?


Do you see how no one in this picture is wearing an iron-on patch that says “Jane Fonda. American Traitor. BITCH!!!!”. That’s how I knew I was standing in the right place.


8 Responses to “Methinks the lady doth protest too much (And by protest I mean walk up and down the mall for two hours looking for all the other Democrats.)”

  1. Uh-huh Says:

    Okay, so I missed the whole thing, but…

    “shame on you” not polite.

    “fuck you” polite.

    Yeah, I’m grokkin’ that.

  2. Oy. His ‘fuck you’ was in response to someone telling him he should be ashamed of his actions. Maybe it wasn’t polite, but it didn’t feel unwarranted. And you can’t deny that the dude in the picture above looks VERY polite…he’s smiling! And giving the peace sign! Peace!

  3. Uh-huh Says:


  4. Dr. Jones Says:

    you’re the cutest little protester in your little pink shirt! when i first saw that picture as i was reading your (sorry) blog, i thought to myself, that looks like brendan! then i looked more closely and i thought to myself, that is brendan.

  5. Dr. Jones Says:

    also, i am quite peaceful and polite, but i do like to bandy about a good fuck you every now and then. though, the person it is directed at usually cannot hear me on account of me being in my car and saying it under my breath. people do NOT know how to drive. namely my parents.

  6. Uh-huh Says:

    Fuck You’s while driving may be completely appropriate (I have issued and earned a considerable number myself, nearly always deserved), and I suppose they are quite natural at a protest march too. One man’s fuck you is another’s shame on you, and all that. Coming from the shame on you side, but more likely to wax obscene at the fuck you side, I note that your protesters wish to impeach the BushMan – do you think that would be warranted? If so, what is the basis, specifically? I have seen lots of pictures of those humorous 9/11 Truthers at the march, as I strained my eyes to catch side of your cute pink protestness. Did you see any (many)? Do you think the crowd numbers were closer to 100K, or severalk? I have not seen any estimates from sources that I might trust, and the other numbers that I’ve read vary so greatly that it is hard to know what to believe. All in all, I’ve decided to approach your departure in the same manner as I have dealt with my mother’s passing – if I don’t think about it maybe it won’t be real. I will blithely think of you living somewhere on the east coast, certainly hostile territory for a red-stater such as myself, but perhaps a bit safer than some damn jungle on another continent. And you will come home in two years, and buy me a beer. Or maybe a couple of shots, because I will need something stronger at that point. And you can tell me about the little piece of the world that you saved. And I will be proud, even more proud than I am now. Be safe, be aware. Come back and tell us stories.

  7. There were a number of people there with sings calling for impeachment, but while I would love it if something where to happen to give us the grounds to do it, I don’t think we’re there yet. I was there specifically to protest the management of the war…many other people there seemed to have other agenda’s but I’m assuming that’s the nature of protests, or at least the lefty ones. I have no idea of knowing what the number of people was, mostly because I was inside the group the whole time, but it felt very, very large. I would say 10’s of thousands, but that’s the best estimate I can give you.
    As for the other…thank you. It means a lot to me. A whole lot. I will be as safe as I can be…which I think is pretty safe. Anyway maybe you can take comfort in the knowledge that there are probably precious few Democrats in Cameroon…

  8. Signs. There were a number of people with signs. Although, there were also a number of people with songs…

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