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So Far So Good September 19, 2007

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So my group is huge…I think there are 42 of us.  So far everyone I’ve talked to seems great.  More than great actually, they all seem like really cool people in all of their individual ways and I wish I had more than 7 minutes right now to tell you about them but the sad truth is I’m choosing a burger and a beer over filling y’all in on my life.

But!  There is totally a guy here that I worked with at Barnes & Noble!!! What the hell?  Very weird but the good news is that he was one of the people I liked.

Anyway I am feeling reassured and good about this whole experience—at least at the moment.  There were a couple of seconds before things started up for real that I felt more terrified than I have to date.  But at the moment I just feel hungry and content in a dazed sort of way.

The moment though, when the woman said “In 48 hours when you’re in Cameroon” totally scared the shit out of me.

More later, as soon as I can…


9 Responses to “So Far So Good”

  1. T-Bone Says:

    omg, who is the B&N-er??? that’s insane! i can’t even begin to guess…

    48 hours! that is so ridiculously exciting i don’t even know what to say!

  2. Grandmaster Flash Says:

    That’s so crazy…what guy from B&N?

  3. T-Bone Says:

    okay, Grandmaster Flash and I were just discussing this and BOTH of us first thought of Chad! If it’s Chad then we are both psychic. Is it Chad? Tell me it is!

  4. Grandmaster Flash Says:

    If it isn’t, I say we find out what he’s up to.

  5. Chad was awesome! It isn’t Chad.

  6. Dr. Jones Says:

    who’s this chad?

  7. TLMQ Says:

    We missed watching America’s Next Top Model with you last night. I wish that I hadn’t missed your call. I can’t stop thinking about what you are doing and where you may be and what you are learning. Yea! 42 people! What a great surprise! And they drink beer, phew!

  8. Kit Kat Says:

    I’m also curious about the B&N-er! Was it someone from our store or someone from the store you worked at in Oregon? I had forgotten all about Chad. I wonder what he would think if he knew we were all writing about him.

    I totally missed ANTM this week! Kim, I will have to watch it and give you regular updates.

    Holy Christ, you will be in Africa soon.

  9. Michael Says:

    Heard that you guys arrived in Yaounde fine last night. Welcome and enjoy the ride!

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