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I am so awesome at everything it’s unbelievable October 3, 2007

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So this morning in an effort to make things easier for my host mom I asked for some bread for breakfast instead of the usual omlettes she’s been making me. Because I am low maintenance and awesome.  Except even though I thought I was asking for one of the rolls they always have, in fact I was requesting my very own baguette. Which my mom WENT OUT AND BOUGHT ME. Hello Cameroon. I am an asshole. Bring me some bread.

I started this entry yesterday, but then the internet died (of unknown causes).  So I am going to wrap this up quickly today. Oddly enough I got some positive feedback this morning about my French.

Today we met with a community group of women, to practice our skillz and whatnot.  It was terrifying, but also envigorating.  We will be working with them for the next 10 weeks or so, most likely on clean water promotion. Today we just passed out cookies in an effort to distract them from our terrible French.

Soon I will write a witty and informative piece on life in Cameroon. No, really.  Witty AND informative.

But for now I have to go because I have a SIX OCLOCK curfew. Pre-Service Training: It’s like middle school without all the puberty. 


4 Responses to “I am so awesome at everything it’s unbelievable”

  1. T-Bone Says:

    oooh, it’s sooo good to hear from you! i can’t wait for the witty and informative report! i can’t wait to hear what everything is like! i am trying to picture it but i have no idea… i can’t even imagine!

  2. Andrea Says:


    It seems like things are going great for you!! We miss you here but definitely are enjoying the updates from West Africa. Happy hours are not the same without you!

    Do you have your cell phone yet? We’ll schedule a conference call… :)


  3. Kit Kat Says:

    I’m so glad you’re able to do journal updates! It’s really reassuring to hear from you, even if you aren’t able to write much. I miss you!

  4. Dr. Jones Says:

    man! puberty was the best part of middle school! i miss you kim! it’s good to know you are alive and well :)

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