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Q & A (Not quite as good as T & A, but you take what you can get) October 27, 2007

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Thanks for all the questions folks. I’ll do my best to answer them thoughtfully. Or sarcastically.

1. Notable GI Issues: (Thank you T-Bone, for getting straight to the point.) So far I’m sort of maintaing a pretty constant level of very slight discomfort. Lets just say I notice when things are…unusually solid. Here in the Corps de la Paix, we talk about poop almost as much as we talk about sustainable development. I haven’t had any major issues yet, which leaves me feeling both profoundly greatful and profoundly scared. Because I’m pretty sure its coming.

2. Spiders: so far I’ve only seen one really big spider, but since he scurried away behind the headboard of my bed, I’m not going to talk about.

3. Frenching: I think I speak French like a person who’s been speaking French for 5 weeks. That is to say, very earnestly, and probably pretty poorly. We had proficiency interviews this morning, so I’ll find out on Monday what people who actually speak French think of my French. I will tell you that I love to say “J’adore le cock”. (Sadly, I did not get more mature upon arrival in West Africa.)

4. Hotness: I think it’s hot. I would judge that it ranges anywhere from the 60s (it gets quite cool–we’re in the mountains) to the high 80s, which feels to me like about 112. Alas, the rainy season will end in November and it will get much, much hotter. I am not prepared for that.

5. Friends: My new friends are pretty awesome. Some of these people are hilarious, so of them are super smart, and many of them annoyingly combine both of those qualities. And of course, they are all approxiamately 23 years old–everyday I’m able to get around without my walker feels like a victory, and they are sure to remind me of that. I asked my best friend here what she wanted me to call her, and without batting an eye she said The Red Snapper. And that is why she is my best friend here. Kit Kat, you’ll be happy to know I’ve befriended another red head. Sadly, there are only 12 men, and two of them are married. Oy.

6. Chickens: I have yet to slaughter a chicken, although I watched as my…host nephew? Yes. My host nephew cleaned one on my front porch. I think I’ll save that adventure for post.

Speaking of post I find mine out next Thursday!!

7. Food: I actually wrote you a letter about the food! So I won’t answer this question now…more later. (Ha!)

8. Cities: Bon question. This one deserves thought.

9. Sunburn: A little. PC gave us sun lotion, which I typically forget to apply. Dumb.

OK, actually, I’m going to write the rest of these down and answer them at home.  Thanks so much for asking! It’s really hard to focus when I feel like I need to write about everything.

For now, I’m going to go home, hope the water is on and if so take a shower (T-Bone–I am so sweaty!!), and then tonight I’m going to some sort of concert at the Catholic church with the Red Snapper and her mom. After that, I’ll probably buy a couple sachets of whiskey at Chez Pierre’s and enjoy speaking English. Peace Corps: It really is the toughest job you’ll ever love.


9 Responses to “Q & A (Not quite as good as T & A, but you take what you can get)”

  1. Thats What She Said Says:

    Update! Sorry, I meant to say I wrote Kit Kat a letter about food…not the entire internet. Or the 7 people who read this site.

  2. Kit Kat Says:

    I am so excited for this letter!!

    I am really creeped out by the fact that a huge spider hid behind your bed. It almost makes me afraid to get in MY bed. (shudder)

  3. T-Bone Says:

    Kim, are you getting my text messages? I’m afraid they’re not going through (but verizon is still charging me – of course). Also, I got your letter last week and was sooooo excited!!! Noel said he talked to you yesterday… I promise I’m going to get african dream soon!

  4. Dr. Jones Says:

    kim i want to write you a letter but maybe i should wait until you have your new address. and can you bring any sachets of whiskey home with you? i know that is far away, but i will spot you the 20 cents just to have one! i am how you say, intrigued.

  5. Dammit! I am not receiving text messages. So far no one here (that I know of) has been able to receive them from Aerica, so you should probably save your money.
    I’m so glad y’all are getting my letters! I still haven’t received anything…but I’m going to blame the Cameroonian postal system and assume you still love me.

  6. er... Says:

    They’re in the mail… Really!

    What is the name of your service provider there?

  7. T-Bone Says:

    dammit, that sucks about the text messages! but you should know that i am getting yours! i loved the one you sent this weekend. i even dreamt about lightning that night! what happens to the stuff i’ve been sending to that address if you move to your post?

  8. Kit Kat Says:

    I haven’t gotten a letter yet! But I have definitely sent one, so just hang on there. We do love you.

  9. TLMQ Says:

    Letter received-package sent. I still need african dream too! I am excited to hear where your new post will be, yet another big change for you. (Ya-yle) I am Yale-ing it up here…working two extremely challenging yet incredible jobs. Thinking about you always…

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