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Beachy Keen Jelly Bean March 24, 2008

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Last Week, In Summary:

  • Swam in Atlantic Ocean for the 1st time. (Actually, SAW Atlantic Ocean for the 1st time. I give it an 8.5)
  • Ate sting ray
  • Hiked up a beach to waterfalls (which fall INTO THE OCEAN)
  • Skinny Dipped (Twice)
  • Got stung by…something…jellyfish?…while naked. Twice.
  • Slept in air conditioned room for 7 nights
  • Got nominated for the ‘Peer Support Network’. (This means other volunteers can call me with various problems—like if they think they have gonorrhea or if they are suddenly feeling sympathetic to the Republican Party—and I will support them.) (Side Note: After being nominated, Dave and I made an announcement that we would only counsel people who texted us their problems in haiku format. We are expecting to make a difference in many peoples lives.)
  • Danced at a ‘boite de nuit’ (literally ‘box of night’, which sounds much cooler than ‘night club’) called L’Excellence. It was, in fact, excellent.
  • Discovered that Cameroonians generally don’t like to swim in the ocean—not even the Camerooninas that LIVE ON A TROPICAL BEACH.
  • Ate something resembling carbonara. (Don’t know if I can adequately explain how excited I was to see carbonara on the menu—and my enthusiasm was only dampened slightly upon discovering they made it with spam.)
  • Celebrated 6 months in country! 
  • Realized I have ringworm.



4 Responses to “Beachy Keen Jelly Bean”

  1. Dr. Jones Says:

    don’t let ringworm get you down! my exboyfriend from high school had it once ON HIS FACE! (this was after we broke up) he got it from wrestling- not me. dirty, dirty boys. but he lived to tell about it. i suspect you will be right as rain sooner than you can say “oy vey!” in your best jewish accent.

  2. Dr. Jones Says:

    here is my problem haiku:

    miss this house we will
    we must be out by may’s end
    can we stay with you?

  3. T-Bone Says:

    am i a bad friend if after i read you have ringworm i went “ringworm?! oh no!” and then, sort of felt excited by your inevitable accomplishment here?

    the beach sounds amazing, kim. i’m loving the photos too! keep em coming! xoxo

  4. Kit Kat Says:

    Ha! A box of night! Ha!

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