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Back To Life July 15, 2008

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I’m finally headed back to post today after way too long in Yaounde, armed with lots of new work ideas and a free knitting pattern I printed off the internet for a small stuffed hippo. If that’s not a recipe for success, I don’t know what is. Leaving Yaounde means saying good-bye to hot showers and readily available cheese, but also to soul sucking traffic and my need to spend money on any thing that will hold still long enough for me to negotiate a price. So, all and all, it’s good to be headed back to village.

I’m realizing that summer is a weird time in village–just because so many people are gone. Ngoulemakong is a medium-sized town (about 4000 people in the village proper) but it’s located on a paved road between to big cities, so it is a curious mix of urban and rural. This means that in the summer people apparently leave both to go au village and to look for work in the bigger cities, pretty much leaving me, my neighbors cat, and the 7 drunk men who call me ‘ma cherie’  as the total remaining population. And that means…lots of time for planning! Or it probably should. I’m hoping to begin being incredibly successful (both as a volunteer and as a human) sometime in the next 4 1/2 months, so I should probably start planning for that now.

I also have a birthday coming up–which I was excited about, because Cameroonians can drink beer like nobody’s business–but did you know that here, it’s the Birthday Girl’s job to buy beers for everyone else? Quoi? What the coconut kind of rule is that? So August 5th will probably find me holed up in my house, hugging beer bottles to my chest and mumbling incoherently–only not in a depressing sort of way.

Ok–apparently 16 college students from Ohio are coming to the office in 30 min to hear our wise words on the Peace Corps, and how it can change your life, or at least your bathing habits. And then, its au revoir, big city, and bon soir Kim’s porch. (It’s been nearly ten months, and I’m still both unsure of how to say ‘porch’ in French, and too lazy to look it up–operation Successful Human, look out!)


8 Responses to “Back To Life”

  1. Dr. Jones Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!! when you come back, i’ll buy you a beer on MY birthday, ok?

    i’m also curious if the chicken in the bag in your photos is the chicken you hitch-hiked home with after the failed meeting. and i love, love, love that that hen herded her chicks through your house! HA! HA! who needs TV?

  2. TLMQ Says:

    Yo- I am really glad that you finally got that computer cord. I send MY package to you and it takes 5 months. The PEACECORPS sends you a package and it’s there in no time. My question is, what kind of moolah did they spend on that shipment? Anyway, love all of the pictures and can’t wait to see it for myself!

  3. Sister Dearest Says:

    Hey sister. Speaking of your birthday, did you receive the package i sent you yet? I sent it mid June (I think…)…

    So in like the last month and a half mom and kyle have both received 2 letters from you, and i have received none. What up with that?!? I miss you. Hope you got your gifts :) Love you. Kam

  4. T-Bone Says:

    Speaking of birthday… I just mailed a package to you today! I wish I had planned better. If TLMQ’s package took 5 months, I might see you before it does. Hmm. xoxo

  5. Sister Dearest Says:


  6. RightWingHippie Says:

    Anyone heard from the young lady lately? My texts and calls have not been getting through…

  7. T-Bone Says:

    She and I were texting last weekend. Planning to call her next weekend. I’ll keep you posted!

  8. RightWingHippie Says:

    She eventually did respond, so she is back on my good list and will eventually get that 4th birthday box…

    Thanks, T-Bone.

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