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This Was Incredible January 27, 2010

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I highly recommend you take a hot air balloon ride in Goreme, Turkey, even if you are afraid of heights and prone to nausea.

I also highly recommend being ticketed by Neapolitan Subway Police.

And watching Jess try to fit her ENORMOUS backpack through the smallest door ever made.

We’re leaving Turkey tonight. Well, we’re leaving Goreme tonight. We will get to Istanbul at 6am tomorrow, hang around doing God knows what until 2:30, then fly to London, then switch airports, then fly to Dublin, and finally arrive at our hostel at about 11pm. I plan to be cranky. I also plan to have at least one Guinness before retiring, because dammit, I’ll have earned it.

I will be sad to leave the land of the prayer call, but happy to arrive in the land of fish and chips. And boys with Irish accents. Jesus, Mary, and Joesph.

In closing, here is a series of photos in which Jess and I make asses of ourselves.


One Response to “This Was Incredible”

  1. TLMQ Says:

    Great pictures. Good to see the fairy chimneys covered in snow. The hot air balloon ride, however, not my thing.

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