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And I’m Not Even Ashamed. That Much. March 5, 2010

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So I think what’s happening is that in an attempt to reacquaint myself with all things American, I’ve gone a little overboard. At the moment I’m leading this strangely domestic (and strangely enjoyable) existence, involving a lot of episodes of Malcom in the Middle, three pugs, cooking, ‘playing the guitar’, and my newest–and admittedly silly sounding–pass time, Zumba. (And by ‘pass-time’, I mean of course that I’ve done it once.) All of which is fine. I like dogs and food and the triumphant feeling of almost getting that A chord correct. And as for the Zumba, well, I defy you to enter a room full of 30/40/50something-year-old women doing the pony and NOT HAVE A GOOD TIME. I think I was sweating as much from laughing at myself as from the actual working out. So, all in all, I am living the American housewife circa 1958’s dream, minus the overbearing husband and sticky children, and plus a little awkward strumming and off-key humming Rock and Roll.Except I took it a step further. I was looking through my dad’s itunes collection, trying to find something to listen to among such gems as “Julie Andrews and the Children”, “Larry the Cable Guy”, and “Mediaeval Baebes”. Now this is not one of those situations where I ‘admit’ to loving something really ‘lame’ that’s actually super cool–like Dolly Parton, or the Golden Girls. This is actually sad. And I’m listening to it RIGHT NOW. Man, I like Jewel. And not even her big hit album. Nope, I’m listening to a different one. Because there’s more than one, and at one time I owned and sang–quite soulfully, let me assure you–to each of them as I drove my silver 1979 roller skate Honda-matic to McKay High School. Plus, look at her!


Anyway, I’m planning to tear myself away from her melodious voice soon, because I need to go out and buy a Jonas Brother’s album.

In slightly less humiliating news, I have a couple of phone interviews lined up for next week, with various do-gooder type organizations in New York. Which is really exciting, and really stressful, and just generally really a lot of things. Necessary though. Because honestly, in a city of 8 million people, there’s got to be someone less cool than me, right?


One Response to “And I’m Not Even Ashamed. That Much.”

  1. haricot vert Says:

    there’s gotta be.

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