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Whoops. March 8, 2010

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You know what I like to do? I like to followup a good weekend full of fantastic meals, good friends, two-year-olds that run around yelling “My underwear is crazy!” while adjusting their wedgies, and pretty people in pretty clothes, with a mediocre phone interview. It really starts the week off right. Hey there World of Jobs That Pay Money, how’s it going? I can’t really be bothered to care right now, because I am mediocre. And also probably apathetic. Want to hang out? Cause I’m not going to work very hard to convince you that I do. But if you like, want to, I guess I could. It’s possible I sounded slightly better than that. Possible. Lets just say I probably I won’t be signing that ‘Start Spreading the News’ song based on this morning’s interaction.

However, the weekend was lovely. I ate veal! So lets see here…since I’ve been back in the States, I’ve been to a wine tasting, gone sailing, and eaten veal. I think the lesson here is a simple one–America, being unemployed is AWESOME. Stop bitching.*

I also managed to buy a dress this weekend–for my little brother’s wedding at the end of the month. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to wear it again in July, for my little sister’s wedding. God. I am so very happy for both of them. And feel only the teensiest bit inadequate about my lack of upcoming nuptials. After all, I’m 29, single, jobless, and living (temporarily!) with my father. What’s there to feel insecure about?

Hey look!


*America, there may be a hint of bravado in this statement. Truthfully, I would really, really, really like a job. One that pays money. And possibly involves full benefits and Jon Stewart. Could we work on that please?


2 Responses to “Whoops.”

  1. haricot vert Says:

    i’m so very glad that you are writing again.

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